SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio – Complete Package

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SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio Package – Exclusively at Shop I

Shop Indoor Golf introduces the complete SIG8 Studio package. This package is built around our SIG8 enclosure and includes everything you would need for a complete setup minus the launch monitor and/or golf simulator – allowing you to plug and play the technology of your choosing.

The SIG8 enclosure was designed to fit within most compact spaces less than 9’W, unlike other systems that require more width or depth.

The studio also includes landing pad turf, choice of hitting mat, a Golf Simulator Projector, Ceiling Mount, and all cables.

If you’re looking for a bigger setup where the image fills in 100% of the screen, be sure to check out our larger SIG10 Studio and SIG12 studio packages.

What’s Included with the SIG8 Studio Package

  • SIG8 Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Landing Pad Turf (8’2″W x 8’D)
  • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat
  • Golf Simulator Projector
  • Ceiling Mount
  • 50′ HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to Lightning Cable

Here’s What You’re Getting

SIG8 Golf Simulator Enclosure

The SIG8 screen and enclosure pairs beautifully with any launch monitor. Built tough, the SIG8 screen can withstand the hardest of golf shots time after time. Unlike other screen systems, we designed the SIG8 so that it can fit within compact spaces with as little as 9’W. Due to the squareness of the screen, the image will fill in 80% of the screen – there will be some white space above and below the image.


  • Image Fills In 80% Of The Screen in HD
  • Premium, Handcrafted, Made in the USA
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Tight Knit Polyester Impact Screen
  • Protective Foam Padding Around The Screen
  • Dimensions: 8’4″H x 8’4″W x 5′ D

Golf Simulator Projector

With WXGA (1280×800) resolution and 3,600 Lumens, your golf simulator projector will have the best image and color quality for your indoor golfing experience.

Landing Pad Turf

The landing pad is made specifically for the SIG8 golf simulator. It fills in the area between the screen and the hitting mat making it aesthetically pleasing and protects your floor from golf ball strikes.

Ceiling Mount

The Ceiling Mount is a permanent option that ensures your projector is out of the way and safe from any stray golf shots.

Cables and Adapters

A 50′ HDMI cable is included! If your launch monitor has IOS compatibility a Lightning to HDMI Adapter will also be included.

Choice of Golf Mat

Fairway Series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat

Our Fairway Series mat is 5′ x 5′, roughly one inch thick and can hold a real tee. Ideal for those seeking realistic feel.

SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat

The SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ is easy on the joints, and has enough space to set the SkyTrak on the mat so it is level with the ball.

SIG8 Golf Simulator Flooring

The Indoor Golf Shop’s simulator flooring is a great option for those seeking the clean, professional look of a custom install – with the convenience of a done for you, easy to assemble kit.

It combines the best of two worlds: an integrated hitting strip embedded into the floor for full swing shots, surrounded by a putting green with four cups for dialing in your short game.

Not only does this look great, but it also conserves space by reducing the footprint of the hitting surface and maximizing the putting and chipping surface.

That’s the beauty of SIGPRO’s golf simulator flooring.

14 reviews for SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio – Complete Package

  1. Olivia

    Great Customer Service
    I purchased a Trugolf Vista 10 through shopindoorgolf. I had some licensing issues with trugolf, and had to contact the retailer. Richard Gischer worked to get the issues resolved. He was very helpful and professional. Thank you Ricky. Great customer service!

  2. Oliver

    Great Service and Great Product To Boot !!
    My order was always in good hands! I placed my order and as we all know, there have been product challenges everywhere and golf was not immune.The service is what stands out-Now Gerald was the star of the show, with Emily(customer phone service) got the runner-up award. Emails where quickly answered and status checks on backorders where always met with a pleasant, encouraging voice. I called so many times I had them on “speed dial”. Once my order was complete and I had an operational question, Gerald ALWAYS answered me within an hour or two.
    Just a great experience…I could continue but I think you can sense that I’d give then 10 stars if I could.

  3. Noah

    Honestly, i had done a ton of research on boards, friends, internet. Shop indoor Golf literally walked me through dang near everything down the what product they sold that would work for my space. Normally when you buy package things it is not custom quality, let me refute that completely. My sig 8 setup exceeded my expectation by a mile, and the staff is a big reason why i will buy all things simulator related from shop indoor golf.

  4. Liam

    Exact what I was looking for!

    Very happy with this product was just what I was looking for.

  5. Emma

    Great golfing practice.

    My brother is a golfer and loves how easily he can practice in his yard. Excellent gift for a golfer.

  6. Alexander

    Excellent product

    Excellent product. Easy assembling.

  7. Evelyn

    Bought as gift

    My son-in-law loves it

  8. Henry

    Worth the money

    I love the product and play it often. It is fun and easy to learn to play.

  9. Isabella

    Good game for the winter months.

    Pretty accurate with my swing speed, fun to play match play online too.

  10. Benjamin


    Works as advertised

  11. Yahya

    I recently purchased the SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio – Complete Package from Shop Indoor Golf and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This package truly has everything you need for a complete setup, minus the launch monitor and/or golf simulator.

  12. Braden

    The SIG8 enclosure is compact and fits perfectly in my space, which is less than 9 feet wide. The side barrier netting provides added safety and the landing pad turf is high quality. I appreciate that I had the option to choose my hitting mat to suit my preferences.

  13. Shmuel

    The 4000+ lumens HD projector included in the package is excellent and provides a clear and crisp display. The Ceiling Mount is sturdy and easy to install, and all the necessary cables were included for a hassle-free setup.

  14. Ryatt

    Overall, I highly recommend the SIG8 Golf Simulator Studio – Complete Package to anyone looking to create their own indoor golf setup. The quality of the products included in the package is top-notch and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

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