Rapsodo MLM2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor

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MLM2Pro Mobile Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator From Rapsodo

The latest offering from Rapsodo, the MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator, is now available at The Indoor Golf Shop! Boasting advanced dual optical camera vision and radar processing, the MLM2PRO is one of the most anticipated launch monitors of 2023!

Track over 10 metrics in real-time, including shot vision, impact vision, and swing replays. Plus, enjoy a complimentary 1 Year Premium Membership, providing exclusive extras like Slow Motion Replay, Rapsodo Combine, Rapsodo Golf Simulation Courses & Software, and much more!



What’s Included

  • MLM2PRO Unit
  • Tripod
  • Carrying Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® Golf Balls (3 balls)
  • 1 year MLM2PRO Premium Membership

Key Features

  • 30K+ Simulated Golf Courses & Virtual Range
  • Swing Vision – Dual Swing Replay with Shot Trace
  • 13 Core Metrics Including Measured Spin Rate and Spin Axis*
  • Award-Winning Rapsodo Combines
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Apple & Android Compatible


Meet the MLM2PRo

Data Tracking

If you can track it, you can improve it. The MLM2PRO tracks 13 metrics (6 measured metrics).

  • Carry Distance
  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Direction
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis


2 Cameras. Double The Vision

With 2 advanced cameras and doppler radar tracking, the MLM2PRO provides video feedback and precise measurement on all golf shots.

Impact Vision:Utilizing a 240-fps global shutter camera, Impact Vision captures each shot and provides club and ball images on impact to help golfers better understand swing path and face contact.

Shot Vision: Using a wide-angle camera, the Shot Vision camera records videos with shot trace technology that maps the flight of the ball for every shot.




Mlm2PRO Premium Membership

With your purchase of the MLM2PRO you also receive 1 Year of Rapsodo’s Premium Membership. Adding extra metrics, golf simulation, and insights.

What’s Included with the Premium Membership

  • 10,000 Videos for Cloud Storage
  • Slow Motion Replay
  • Session Insights
  • Rapsodo Combine
  • Spim Rate & Spin Axis (with use of Callaway® RPT™ Ball )
  • Rapsodo Simulated Courses
  • Rapsodo Range
  • Impact Vision
  • Dual Camera

12 reviews for Rapsodo MLM2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor

  1. Emersyn

    Absolutely love my MLM2PRO! It completely changes my range experience and helps give me more confidence in my yardages on the course. Also, love the ability to see more of my swing from down the line plus head on. This allows me to get a better visual of how I am turning. The impact camera is a great feature as well since it allows me to better see club path coming into strike of the ball. Finally, the Rapsodo Combines experience is fantastic. I love the gamified practice experience and adding a little pressure to shots hit on the range. Plus, having an overall report and individual report allows me to better understand where my game needs the most work. MLM2PRO has been the BEST investment in my golf game over the last 5 years!

  2. Raelynn

    I was blown away with how the accurate the MLM2Pro’s spin rate and spin axis are compared to my friends higher end launch monitor at the price point of $700!

  3. Nevaeh

    Great experience on the range and at home. Easy to set up and play major championship courses.

  4. Maverick

    so far it has been great using it to get better understanding on my yardage down. It had been a struggle to get it in the hit zone sometimes to line it up, wish that zone was bigger but that is minor.

  5. Kolton

    It’s the best budget simulator and it just keeps getting better! They had a massive update since I got this a month and a half ago and I’m impressed with how Rapsodo responds to their customers.

    A few things though:
    The courses included in the Rapsodo ecosystem-although it will come in landscape mode and will show elevations, still looks too cartoonish. It doesn’t come close to feeling like whichever course you’re playing. I’d suggest signing up with Awesome Golf and get the lifetime membership (instead of the annual). E6Connect is better but pricier and doesn’t have a lifetime plan.

    Overall, if you’re looking to start a home simulator, this is your best route. If you’re only looking for a launch monitor, this is only good with the premium membership which is free for the first year.

  6. Jalen

    Love the boosted stats and functions from my original MLM. Compact design, still bigger than the original, but still slides in the garment pocket of my bag no problem. Impact vision camera is next level and has helped me see when the heel or toe digs in to the ground and has helped my fitter with my loft/life adjustments! Having a grasp on my carry distances is unmatched…my ACTUAL carry distances. I brought this on a golf trip to get my carry distances at altitude so I could mentally adjust before the round and club selection was great that day. Love my MLM2PRO

  7. Meadow

    I went from a 6 handicap to a 2.5 after using the the MLMPRO2 after 3 months. If you are a swing nerd and want a sim option built to improve your swing, this is the way to go! I love this thing and it works great in my garage with a net. This is the best bang for buck on the market.

  8. Kamden

    I really enjoy this product! It has really helped me improve my golf game by allowing me to record my swing and obtain actual numbers for each swing. It has a ton of features that are only available on much more expensive devices for a fraction of the cost.

    I love using the regular sessions for dialing in my distances with each club, using the combine modes to practice accuracy and distance control, and playing rounds with the simulated courses is a blast.

    I’ve had this product since it was released, and the company is doing a fantastic job, keeping the product up-to-date and actively improving it all the time. I enjoyed the product when it first came out, and it keeps getting better.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this product, and would highly recommend it to any golfer of any skill level.

  9. Eugene

    I recently purchased the Rapsodo MLM2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. This device is truly a game-changer for any golfer looking to improve their game.

  10. Howard

    The dual optical camera vision and radar processing technology on the MLM2PRO provide incredibly accurate and detailed data on every shot. I love being able to track over 10 different metrics in real-time, including shot vision, impact vision, and swing replays. It has really helped me identify areas of improvement in my game.

  11. Russell

    The complimentary 1 Year Premium Membership that comes with the MLM2PRO is also a fantastic bonus. The Slow Motion Replay feature has been invaluable in helping me fine-tune my swing, and the Rapsodo Combine has added a fun competitive element to my practice sessions.

  12. Carlos

    Overall, I highly recommend the Rapsodo MLM2 PRO Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator to any serious golfer looking to take their game to the next level. It is a high-quality, advanced device that has truly enhanced my practice sessions and improved my performance on the course.

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