R-Motion Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC


Are your looking to buy R-Motion Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own R-Motion Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC.


Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak Launch Monitor with The Golf Club Simulator Software

You can now easily add Club and Swing data to your SkyTrak™ with The Golf Club™ Simulator software (TGC) using the R-Motion Swing Tracker!

Simply attach the Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC below your club grip and the automatic shot system will do the rest. It easily moves from club to club, thanks to attachments that equip all standard putters and drivers. Just slide the tracker unit in and out to play.


R-Motion for SkyTrak Launch Monitor with TGC will add:

  • Measured Club Speed
  • Measured Face Angle
  • Measured Swing Path

What’s in the box:

  • R-Motion Swing Tracker
  • 4 Club Attachments
  • Alan tool
  • USB Charger
  • Bluetooth LE dongle
  • Instruction Manual

Measured values will show in the TGC shot analysis screen after every shot.

Demo Video-R-Motion Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC


R-Motion Swing Data is a system that can be used in conjunction with SkyTrak and The Golf Club (TGC) software to provide golfers with detailed data about their swings.

The R-Motion Swing Data system consists of a small sensor that attaches to the club and communicates with a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth. When used with SkyTrak and TGC software, the system can provide data on key swing metrics such as clubhead speed, launch angle, ball spin, and more.

To use the R-Motion Swing Data system with SkyTrak and TGC, follow these steps:

  1. Set up the R-Motion sensor on your club according to the instructions provided.
  2. Connect the R-Motion sensor to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.
  3. Launch the TGC software and select “Practice” mode.
  4. Set up your SkyTrak launch monitor according to the instructions provided.
  5. Take your swing and review the data provided by the R-Motion system and SkyTrak launch monitor.

With the R-Motion Swing Data system, golfers can gain insights into their swing mechanics and track their progress over time. This can be especially helpful for those looking to improve their game or make specific changes to their swing.

10 reviews for R-Motion Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC

  1. Oliver


    Easy to use, very accurate and long lasting Battery!

  2. Noah

    Works great!

    It is easy to use and works well indoors. It would be better if it provides information on the shot missing targets either to the right or left.

  3. Emma

    Swing Caddie is a Hit!!!

    This is a great tool for tracking distance and improving your game. I found that the distance is very accurate when used as directed.

  4. Liam

    Very satisfied

    very good !!

  5. Olivia

    Great Product

    This is a awesome product. Very accurate yardages in comparison to a trackman.

  6. Henry

    Great value

    This is a great product for the price point. Accurately reflects open or close club face paths. Distances can be a little off from time to time but ball seemed to travel correctly according to swing plane. Makes cold Canadian winters a little more manageable until spring comes.

  7. Isabella

    Can’t beat it for the price

    Great gadget that allows for realistic simulation play. The device measures swing speed so in terms of distance, it is fairly accurate. It does not measure tops, chuncks etc. so it s forgiving in that sense. For what it is I would definitely recommend it and I’ve played about 5 rounds so far and have been happy with the game play. Applications can be a little finicky but it all ends up working out eventually.

  8. Benjamin


    I tried adjusting the sensors every which way, still showed a hook on every shot. Was really hoping this would work to get over the winter blues. Returned it. Guess I will have to save for the Skytrak…

  9. Evelyn

    Customer Service is Exceptional

    This does seem more of a game than a golf simulator, it is fun and does show swing stats that seem most accurate when your hit decent shots. They don’t have to be perfect, but decent. If you nick the top of the ball, it reads it as a hit. If you nick the mat on a practice swing it reads it as a hit, etc. I used a Voice Caddie with it and the two pair well if you want a relatively accurate picture of swing and ball speed as well as yardage. On decent hits they are 4-5 yards less apart, typically within the 2-3 yard range. On mishits, the Voice Caddie is more reliable but can’t determine ball flight path.

  10. Alexander

    Tremendous value, more than a game, less than a launch monitor

    More than a game, less than a launch monitor.

    There is a lot of value here. I am by no means a great golfer, I am a +13-16 handicap. But I am good enough to know my good and my bad in both my stroke and ball flight. I think the r-motion does a great job in reflecting this. I can feel pulls and pushes, hooks and slices and the simulator does a great job reflecting this.

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SkyTrak and The Golf Club are excited to offer golfers the next generation of The Golf Club – TGC 2019. The high resolution, high performance graphics system allows players to move in real time around the course, with screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.
Connect the SkyTrak unit to your computer using USB cable. Switch on the SkyTrak unit and start the SkyTrak TGC Interface. Open the settings window to find the Machine ID and to enter your registration key. Copy and paste your license key and click on ACTIVATE.
SkyTrak and The Golf Club are excited to offer golfers the next generation of The Golf Club – TGC 2019. The high resolution, high performance graphics system allows players to move in real time around the course, with screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.
Yes you can play Augusta National on Skytrak and any other launch monitor that plays simulation software! … When you go looking for “Augusta National”, you won’t find it as an official licensed course – here’s why and what you can do about it.
Can I Sell or Transfer TGC for SkyTrak? TGC for SkyTrak is only transferrable when the SkyTrak AND TGC software are registered to a new owner. Both the SkyTrak and TGC license that was associated with that SkyTrak must be used by the new owner in order to setup a transfer. … TGC will send a license key to the new owner.
You can pair SkyTrak with PC in one of three ways:
  1. Via a Direct Wi-Fi Connection on PC. Click on the Wi-Fi signal icon on your PC and select SkyTrak from the drop-down menu, click connect.
  2. Via a Direct USB Cable Connection. …
  3. Via a Home Network Connection.
Is SkyTrak worth the money? Yes, I think SkyTrak is well worth the money. While it can feel a little expensive dropping $2,000 on 3D golf, it can last you for years to come. It’s a very well built device that is made to help improve your game for years to come.
Unfortunately, Skytrak is not compatible with Apple Mac computers, in native mode anyway.
Skytrak system requirements are very modest, to run the Skytrak app you only need 2GB of RAM, a Windows 7 operating system (or newer), and a processor equal to or better than an Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz.
For the safety of both the golfer and the integrity of the screen, we recommend standing a minimum of 12-15 feet away from the screen. To decrease your risk of bounce back and greatly reduce the chances of getting hit with a golf ball do *not* stand closer than 10-11 feet away from the screen.

Although it is possible to move the clip every time, I don’t find this feasible and it will definitely disrupt the flow. Also, I’m reticent to continually attach and remove the clips. They are just plastic and it looks like the threading would wear out and not provide a secure hold after repeated removal. You’ll want the extra clips. They are priced RIDICULOUSLY so you may want to research what other people have used instead. I went ahead and got the full set of clips and I keep them on the clubs even when I play an actual round at the golf course. I haven’t had any problems as of yet. 

You need a minimum requirement to run the software. Dont skimp. You can always keep computer for other things so why not get a nice computer. I got a laptop

If you can, just get a 100 dollar refund for the clips. They’re probably 5 cents of plastic each and VERY poorly engineered. If you use the plastic clips you will lose your motion tracker. You dont want them trust me

I would double check your Chromebook’s specifications to confirm it meets the requirements to run the TGC simulator. Attached below is the list of what your computer will need to run the simulator:

Net is not included. You should get a net or impact projection screen if you want to hit real golf balls. There is a setting to change the sensitivity use soft practice balls for the PC game which you might be able to hit safely into a wall. I recommend a large impact net incase of the occasional wild or lob shot.