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Are your looking to buy High Quality Impact Screen for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own High Quality Impact Screen.


A high-quality impact screen is a specialized screen designed to withstand the impact of golf balls and other projectiles. These screens are commonly used in indoor golf simulators or outdoor practice areas where golfers can hit balls into a screen and receive feedback on their shots.

Here are some characteristics of a high-quality impact screen:

Material: Impact screens are typically made of tightly woven polyester or nylon fabric. The fabric should be durable and able to withstand repeated impacts without tearing or fraying.

Thickness: The screen should have a sufficient thickness to absorb the impact of golf balls and prevent them from passing through. Thicker screens are generally more durable and offer better ball containment.

Image clarity: High-quality impact screens provide excellent image clarity and vibrant colors, ensuring a realistic and immersive experience for golfers using simulators. The screen should have a high-resolution surface to display the projected image or video clearly.

Ball containment: The screen should effectively contain golf balls upon impact, preventing them from rebounding back towards the golfer. This is typically achieved through the material’s elasticity and the construction of the screen.

UV resistance: If the screen is intended for outdoor use, it should be UV resistant to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without fading or deteriorating.

Easy installation: The screen should be easy to install and securely fastened to a frame or support structure. Many high-quality impact screens come with grommets or reinforced edges to facilitate installation and ensure a taut and smooth surface.

Size options: Impact screens are available in various sizes to accommodate different spaces and simulator setups. It’s important to choose a screen size that fits the available space and provides an adequate viewing area.

When purchasing a high-quality impact screen, it’s advisable to consider reputable brands that specialize in golf simulators and practice equipment. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from other golfers or simulator owners can also help in selecting a reliable and durable impact screen for your specific needs.


Golf Simulator Projection Golf Simulator Tech Bundle for home: Designed for use with any indoor home golf simulator, our screens work with any projector or golf simulator.

  • HD picture: The smooth surface, when tightly installed provides a crisp and clear HD image.
  • Durability: The screen provides HD picture quality, and when it is backed by a high-performance sports net it provides extra durability.
  • Finished Edges: The edges are neatly hemmed.
  • Easy to attach: Attach the screen to any frame using velcro.
  • Cost-effective replacement: Easily remove the screen when worn for, as a cost-effective replacement.
  • We strongly recommend a net or panel behind your golf impact screen to increase the life of your screen.

High Quality Impact Screen Specification:

Color: White     Material: We use weft yarn material.

Size available: Golf Ball Simulator Impact Display Projection Screen available in a variety of sizes and ratios.

118″ x 39″ (10 x 3.2 ft)
118″ x 78″ (10 x 6.5 ft)
118″ x 118″(10 x 10 ft)
118″ x 157″ (10 x 13 ft)
118″ x 196″ (10 x 16 ft)
118″ x 236″ (10x 19.5 ft)

Package Included: 

1 x  Golf Simulator Projection Impact Screen

If you need to return items to us, there is a Orange Whip Wedge fee incurred and will be deducted from your refund once the returned items have been received.

Stock Size : 430cm wide X 310cm high (14.10′ wide X 10.17′ high)
Custom size screens are possible. Please enter your size in the details.

Note: The production time for custom size screens is 2 weeks.

Demo Video-High Quality Impact Screen

10 reviews for High Quality Impact Screen

  1. Olivia

    This is perfect for my living room wall

    I was happy I purchased this I thought i was able to use the wall with the projector system. I was so wrong but I will tell you after I got this I was so happy because my picture was clear it came with some hooks to hang it on the wall and movie night has been amazing. I will recommend this product its easy to put up and take down.

  2. Oliver

    Worked great

    We really enjoyed watching our movie on this. It was amazing

  3. Noah


    super easy to hang, great picture, no wrinkles as soon as i hang it

  4. Liam

    Good clean screen

    I use this for outdoor movies in the summer. Set it up right and it’s going to work. Set it up wrong and you’ll have problems.

  5. Emma

    Well worth the price.

    Excellent purchase

  6. Alexander

    Go buy it

    Definitely buy it good quality. I wasn’t disappointed my second purchase go get yours.

  7. Evelyn

    It just works

    The screen comes with all that you need to attach it to the wall with hooks and double sided tape or a string. My projector picture looks great on it.

  8. Henry

    Works great with my new projector!!

    Built a frame for this screen out of PVC Pipe ! It’s great for my husbands theater room! It’s durable and works perfect with the projector!

  9. Isabella

    My family loves it

    Everything worked perfectly

  10. Benjamin

    Quality screen that shows great picture and easy to hang

    The screen is very clear w my projector and doesn’t wrinkle…very well made and love all the connections holes to keep your screen nice amd tight

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