PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure


Are your looking to buy PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure.


The SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package is a golf simulation system that allows you to play and practice golf in an indoor environment. The package includes a SIG10 Golf Simulator with a high-quality projector, a hitting mat, a computer loaded with golf simulation software, a screen, and a golf net. The SIG10 Golf Simulator uses high-speed cameras and advanced tracking technology to accurately measure your swing and ball flight, providing you with realistic golf simulations.

The package also includes a range of features such as customizable course options, multiplayer options, and virtual driving ranges to help you practice and improve your game. The system is designed to be easy to set up and use, making it a great option for golf enthusiasts who want to practice or play golf at home, regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

Overall, the SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package is a comprehensive golf simulation system that provides a realistic and immersive golfing experience in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great investment for serious golfers who want to improve their game or for those who simply enjoy playing golf and want to do so in a convenient and comfortable environment.


The SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure is a product designed to help golf enthusiasts practice their swing and improve their skills from the comfort of their own home. It is a fully enclosed system that uses advanced technology to simulate golf courses and provide accurate feedback on a player’s swing.

The SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure includes a high-resolution projector, a hitting screen, and a computer loaded with golf simulation software. The hitting screen is made of a durable material that can withstand the impact of golf balls, and it is designed to give players a realistic feel when hitting into it.

The enclosure also includes a tracking system that uses infrared sensors to monitor the flight path of the golf ball. This information is then fed into the simulation software, which calculates the trajectory and distance of the shot. The simulator can be set up to simulate different types of weather conditions and wind speeds, which can provide a more realistic experience for the player.

Overall, the SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure is an excellent tool for golfers who want to improve their skills and enjoy the game without leaving their home. It can be used in a garage, basement, or spare room, and it is a great investment for anyone who wants to take their golf game to the next level.


The SIG10 was designed to allow the image to fill in 100% of the screen, unlike other enclosure systems where there is white space at the top and bottom.

  • SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Side Barrier Netting w/ Sand Bags
  • Weight Strip for Bottom of Screen
  • Assembly Instructions

**Note that this package does not include the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator unit – must be purchased separately**


Product Details

Constructed of premium materials, your SIG10 golf simulator screen displays in HD quality and is built tough to withstand golf ball strikes up to 250 MPH.

The SIG10 Enclosure is able to fit into most compact spaces. The following are the recommended space requirements:

  • 12′ Width
  • 18′ Length
  • 9′ Height

Make sure you can swing your club comfortably in your desired space, as you may need more than 9′ high ceilings if your swing requires it. You can always place your setup in a space that is larger than the minimum space requirements listed above.

Viewable Screen Dimensions:

  • 7’7″ Width
  • 7’7″ Height
  • 10’8″ Diagonal



  • Image fills in 100% of screen (with 4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Easy Assembly in Under 1 Hour
  • Frame Connects Via Quick Connectors
  • Screen Attaches To Frame via Bungees
  • Tight Knit Polyester Screen
  • Black Nylon Surround


What’s in The Box

  • SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Side Barrier Netting w/ Sand Bags
  • Weight Strip for Bottom of Screen
  • Assembly Instructions

**Note that this package does not include the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator unit – must be purchased separately**


Shipping and Return Policy

***SIG Shipping and Return Policy on Golf Simulator Studio Packages***Free Shipping on all orders to the lower 48 continental United States ship free. Ships in 5-7 business days. You may receive several packages with these shipments and they may arrive on different days.SIG Return PolicyIf a customer needs to return an item for ANY reason, they’re able to do so within 30-days, just pay return shipping & restocking fee.All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.Products eligible for return/exchange must be like new, undamaged, and must contain all original product packaging and accessories.

If a product exhibits visible signs of wear and use or is missing items, to the extent that Shop Indoor Golf will no longer be able to re-sell the product as a “new” item, the returned product will be classified as a refurbished unit and a 40% restocking fee will be applied.


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