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Are your looking to buy PDGJG Golf Putting Mat for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own PDGJG Golf Putting Mat.


A golf putting mat is a specialized surface designed for practicing putting in golf. It typically consists of a rectangular or square piece of synthetic turf or felt that has a built-in target or series of targets marked on it.

Putting mats are popular among golfers who want to improve their putting skills, as they provide a convenient and cost-effective way to practice putting at home or in an office. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and some models are even portable, making them easy to take on the go.

Many putting mats come with various features such as different hole sizes, contouring, and incline adjustments, allowing golfers to practice a range of putts and to simulate real-life putting scenarios. They can also be used with golf putting aids such as alignment sticks or training balls.

Overall, a golf putting mat can be a valuable tool for any golfer looking to improve their putting game, and can provide a convenient and affordable way to practice putting whenever and wherever they want.

About this item
  • Sponge slope pad, smooth and adhere to the ground, high elasticity and not easy to wrinkle.
  • The hole is 10cm wide, and there is a retaining ring behind the hole to prevent the ball from rolling out of the practice blanket.
  • The artificial grass is closer to the real golf course.
  • Added stopper rim.
  • Bring the mini court home.
Product information

5 reviews for PDGJG Golf Putting Mat

  1. Alexander (store manager)

    Putt-putt Idea
    I decided to turn my putting green into a putt-putt like at a kids putter course. I had some extra pavers when my backyard was finished and I layed it out around it. I had some sand and put the sand in as sand traps. It gives it that dimensional look. Plus the golf balls don’t go anywhere else. I enjoy this very much.

  2. Evelyn (store manager)

    EXCELLENT for the price

    Anyone who needs a true review from a real golfer, here it is.

    So easy to line up a putt and give yourself a true feel and a great line. I slapped down a chalk line for 6 foot putts. I wake up every morning and sink 5 in a row and go about my day. This has helped me soooooo much on the course. It’s made my short putts easy. The 1 star reviews here are jokes. Before I buy anything on amazon I look at the reviews, especially the 1 stars too see what people have too say. But I went for it and this is a steal. My friend has a $200 set up and this exceeds it. It does the job and more. I have it set up on a wood floor and it rolls true.

    Buy it and learn the short ones. A 300 yard drive counts the same as made 6 foot putt.

  3. Henry (store manager)

    Great Practice Putting Green

    We purchased this putting green for my 7 year old son to practice on. The mat arrived rolled up in a large box that we saved for storage. The majority of the bottom has a non-slip grip so it stays put floors. The last 18″ of the green slowly inclines just over an inch. The mat easily unrolled and laid flat though there was an area of slight separation between the non-slip grip and incline foam padding that’ll need to be re-glued.

    The putting green is slightly smaller than advertised. The company has it listed as being 9′ x 3′ however my mat is 8 feet 6.25 inches in length and 33.5″ at it’s widest point. I imagine it was just easier to round up, but I thought it’d mention it either way.

    Other than that, I think this is a very nice, simple putting green and my son loves that he can pull his mat out and play golf whenever he feels like it.

  4. Evelyn (store manager)

    Great mat, arrived slightly wrinkled. Quality overall!

    Outstanding putting mat, especially for the price. As us golfers know, putting typically makes up roughly 40% of all shots, so every stroke gained counts. This mat is high quality, runs well, and has a sticky backing so it doesn’t slide around on my tile floors. I love practicing my 5-9 foot putts as these can be VERY costly on the course.

    The only reason I rate this a 4/5 is because mine came a bit wrinkled on the top left side. Assuming yours is received without wrinkles it would be a perfect 5/5.

    Thank you for reading and rating my review!

  5. Alexander (store manager)

    Terrible product

    It’s probably the worst product I have purchased through Amazon so far. I opened the box with no wrapping on the mat. It was too long for the box so the top part of mat was folded down . When I unrolled the mat , it is absolutely terrible . It was full of cat hair all over the mat both front and back not to mention the foam on the back was broken . It has been used in a house with cats playing on the mat all the time. I have tried to use roller to clean the hair but half way through I gave up because looking closely I saw cat hair is everywhere on the green part . I’m returning it. What a mistake .

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