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Are your looking to buy PDGJG Golf Putting Mat Golf Putter for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own PDGJG Golf Putting Mat Golf Putter.


A golf putting mat is a specialized surface designed to simulate the feel and characteristics of a real putting green, allowing golfers to practice their putting strokes indoors or outdoors. Putting mats come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be made from various materials, such as synthetic grass or foam rubber.

Some putting mats also include features such as pre-designed putting courses, slope variations, and ball return mechanisms, which can add an additional layer of challenge and excitement to the practice session.

Using a putting mat can be a convenient and effective way to improve your putting skills, as it allows you to practice anytime and anywhere without having to go to a golf course. It can also be a fun activity for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages.

Product Description
  • Plastic base + artificial grass/velvet.
  • 50cm*300cm.
  • Type: With return fairway.
  • High strength, stable structure and very durable.
  • It can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly, and the installation is convenient.
  • Ergonomics.
  • The size is purely manual measurement, there will inevitably be an error of 1-3 cm, please refer to the actual product.
  • Due to shooting lighting and the difference of each monitor. There will be different degrees of color difference. The actual product shall prevail.


Product information

4 reviews for PDGJG Golf Putting Mat Golf Putter

  1. Evelyn

    Just get putting

    This thing is really cool, came in the mail double boxed so it wasn’t crush or bent up like some people had said, arrived really quick. Now the fun stuff , unrolled it and for the most part payed pretty flat the sand trap rubbers where a bit bent up I put them in place and threw golf balls on top of them to flatten them out. There is a little bump in the matte where the incline starts which is no problem what so ever ball rolls really true and the matte is a bit fast on the putting speed which makes it more to what u might see on the course. After a day or so all the peace’s are flat and the putting surface is perfect, I don’t know if it’s my floor or the matte it seams to have a sight break in it which I love because everyone can sink a straight putt, overall this is a Awsome product and a worth while purchase if your looking to practice at home it thick enough to be durable smooth enough to work on some stuff I would definitely recommend spending the money and getting this matte over the cheaper ones, just order it and get putting

  2. Henry

    Quality seems very good so far

    Got this a few days ago for my office. It came in a large box and rolled out without any lines or creases. Quality seems very good so far. I’ll update this review if it tears up in the next few months but so far I’m extremely pleased with it. My kids have even been putting on it and haven’t managed to destroy it yet. Practiced putting on it for a few days then played at the club today. Our greens are rolling very similar to the speed of this mat. Of course speeds change during the year but I’m very happy with the speed of the roll on this mat. It’s going to be my go-to practice for those hour long conference calls from now on. I better not miss another putt inside of 10 feet!

  3. Isabella

    Great Putting Green For The Money

    Great green for the money, shipped well, putts true to a moderately fast speed, has a few things I’d like to see changed.

    Specifics; measures 106 inches long and 36 inches wide at its widest. The holes are between 1.5 and 1 inch deep and they are 4.5 inches wide (note thats .25 inches wider than standard). Id guess the green speeds are 10-11 on a stimp (slightly adjustable if you read below). There is a rubber material under the body of the green and a foam material near the holes which accounts for the slight up slope.

    The Good; the putting green was shipped well and lost the one small crease within the day. Its a great size for practicing the knee knockers (like practicing free throws in basketball). The speed is good, what I would consider between a country club and a muni. I’ve found that if you take something hard and round (like a 1 foot section of pvc) and push towards the holes you can speed up the green and vice versa the other direction. Although I can see the crease when the uphill section starts, I didn’t find any issues with it for putting. For the money this is a fantastic putting green

    Things I’d Change; the holes are slightly larger than regulation (if you golf a lot you will notice this right away). I also don’t like that the holes are black and not white (it doesn’t match what you see on a course). I wish they had matching hole reducers too (Big Moss sells hole reducers if anyone is in the market).

  4. Benjamin

    Great value

    After massive amounts of research, I landed on this putting green. Prior to receiving, I had 2 main concerns; 1. the crease 2. using on my thick carpet. So I received package, unrolled the putting green and looks awesome. Immediately noticed the crease (where the incline starts). Worked tirelessly to get crease out and make it as smooth as possible. What worked best for me was using my smooth surfaced laptop or book to roll it over the green and work the creases.

    Keep in mind, this comes rolled up so you cannot expect it to be impeccable; however, if you work the creases and smooth them out over the first few days, the crease will mostly go away. It will never completely disappear, but doesn’t seem to impact the green.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase. Just be patient with smoothing it out and you will feel the same. Don’t waste your money with the cheaper indoor putting green.

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