Optishot GS10 Studio


Are your looking to buy Optishot GS10 Studio for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Optishot GS10 Studio.


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The OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator is combined with the best portable golf studio on the market to create the Optishot GS10 Studio. Optishot GS13 Studio This amazing studio installs without any tools and features the awesome HD impact screen


  • OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator hardware and software package
  • Includes 1080 HD Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • Includes Projector Ramp (used to tilt your projector so the image reaches the floor)
  • Includes Projector box that removes the need to hard wire a projector
  • Includes Turf between mat and screen
  • Includes Side panel extensions
  • Includes Long HDMI
  • Includes Long Surge Protector/Extension cord
  • Includes HD Impact Screen7’6″(h)x10′(w)x4′(d)
  • Includes Ulti Mat 2 Full Mat System (no cutout) 4’x10’1″x2″ (3 piece lock key mat system)
  • Aluminum push button frame system
  • Fabric attaches to the aluminum frame with straps and d-rings and Optishot GS13 Studio
  • Studio can be used to watch TV, Movies and Gaming.
  • Studio can be used outdoors as an outdoor movie theater or even to watch YouTube videos at Birthday Parties.
  • Extended Canopy and light bar

Footprint Needed:

  • 12′(w)x16’6″(d)x9′(h) for limited image size
  • 12′(w)x18’6″(d)x9′(h) for full image size

NOTE: Computer System is NOT included.

Please note that 9’ ceilings are a guideline.  Some players may require taller ceilings for their swing.  It is the buyers responsibility to determine adequate swing clearance for the room the simulator is installed in.

Demo Video-Optishot GS10 Studio

4 reviews for Optishot GS10 Studio

  1. Olivia

    Good buy

    I have this setup in my garage. The material seems durable. I have placed a small white screen in front of my main hitting area to reduce any damage taken. Make sure you iron the screen before you hang up. I think this will last me for a couple years. Worth a buy for the $$$

  2. Oliver

    Defective product.

    We got this screen wait 4 weeks and found out defective has blue print spots on a white screen. We can’t believe this company will sell this kind of product to customer. Never buy from this seller.

  3. Noah

    Very durable!

    Great material. Edging very well stitched. Expensive it was but worth it.

  4. Liam

    Good Material, Poor Stitching

    I setup a custom golf sim in my garage, after a few rounds here is my review on the screen. PROS: *Good Material (Takes impact well) *Very White (Good picture even with cheaper projectors) *Screen is square making it easier to stretch out with no wrinkles in the middle * Very good material on the edges for extra strength CONS: * Super weak stitching around the border, at 150mph+ ball speed it starts tearing the stitches * Poor QC, one of the sides was sewn closed on both ends so unable to fit pole through the left side. * Shows dirt VERY easily. Be careful while handling the screen to ensure the area and your hands are uber clean. *NO RINGS or hooks on the edges, makes it very difficult to install For the money, I’m a little disappointed with the poor quality stitching and poor QC, but I was able to use my own material to see over the torn areas and add custom straps for mounting. Will not buy again.

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The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator undoubtedly is a very good purchase option if you want to improve your game by practicing more often without the difficulties that going to a driving range entail. This device is not only a very good value for your money but also a simulator that shows your result with great accuracy.
The OptiShot 2 is a great option for golfers looking to play indoors for less than $1000. It is a great choice for those who want to keep their game alive during the offseason or for beginners who want to improve their swing and break 100. The SkyTrak is more expensive but is still the overall best value for the price.
OptiShot advertises its accuracy range as being within 2 mph of club head speed, 1.5 degrees of face angle and 1.9 degrees of swing path.
High performance 3D Graphics \ Physics Engine (Unity) ‘NEX’ Generation patented technology. The only simulator in the world with a combined precision sensor system & 60fps camera system. Realistic shots including the * Perfect * Short * Game.
Optishot BallFlght is a all metal constructed launch monitor that features trio-tracking technology. Optishot ballflight not only measure ball data but club data as well. BallFlight features TRIO-TRACKING Technology with Infrared Camera Trigger, Radar Club Data and Camera Technology. …
OptiShot cannot be used in direct sunlight. OptiShot is designed to be used indoors and must have the proper lighting conditions for its infrared sensors to function accurately.
It’s pretty well documented that the Optishot doesn’t actually measure swing speed. It estimates it based on the club you select and the settings you put in. As a test, set your club on the optishot to a 9i and then hit a driver…. you’ll get a 9i swing speed instead of a driver swing speed.
The equation 5/7 f v sin 0 is used to calculate the vertical velocity of the ball traveling up the club head face where f is the fraction of speed remaining when the compression of the ball is considered, 0 is the angle of the clubface at impact and v is the velocity of the club head.
Definition Ball starts and finishes left of target but stays straight in its flight (no curve). What It Tells You Swing path is out-to-in and the club face is square to the swing path. More on: How to Fix Pulled Shots in Golf.
The most common cause of a slice is an outside-in swing path. This means that through the initial part of your downswing, your club is outside the line of the ball (or further away from you than it should be).