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Are your looking to buy OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor.


The OptiShot BallFlight is one of the industry’s most advanced golf simulators. Offering trio tracking technology, BallFlight is the only product on the market that uses camera, radar, and infrared to measure your golf shot.  The unit is portable, responsive, and capable of both indoor and outdoor use OptiShot Golf In A Box 2 Simulator Package.

From honing your skills on the simulators driving range to taking advantage of full course play, OptiShot’s BallFlight provides the perfect blend of training and entertainment.

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The Takeaway: OptiShot is not a launch monitor, so it doesn’t track the ball — its infrared sensors track the club slightly before and after impact.

The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator undoubtedly is a very good purchase option if you want to improve your game by practicing more often without the difficulties that going to a driving range entail. This device is not only a very good value for your money but also a simulator that shows your result with great accuracy.

And so once that is complete and you have downloaded the software you will then want to take the 10-foot USB cord that comes with the optishot. And plug it into the side of your computer.
The OptiShot 2’s infrared technology provides excellent club speed and angle data but does have a higher tendency for misreads. OptiShot 2 does give you the option to calibrate your clubs with your simulator, which will give you a much higher level of accuracy than playing right out of the box.

It’s pretty well documented that the Optishot doesn’t actually measure swing speed. It estimates it based on the club you select and the settings you put in. As a test, set your club on the optishot to a 9i and then hit a driver…. you’ll get a 9i swing speed instead of a driver swing speed.

The mat has a plastic tee (replaceable) like you might find on a driving range, although you can hit off the turf or use your own tees if you like.

Full Swing Pro Series
“Consistent practice on my Full Swing Pro Series simulator was important to my return,” says Woods, who has now captured 80 PGA Tour wins, including 14 Majors. “Using the company’s patented technology gives me the most accurate ball data, which allowed me to work on shaping my shots and helped me win in Atlanta.”

OptiShot cannot be used in direct sunlight. OptiShot is designed to be used indoors and must have the proper lighting conditions for its infrared sensors to function accurately.

Playing online with an active Internet connection is the primary way to use OptiShot. If you only have access to the Internet periodically you can play Offline. NOTE: You do not need to log in to play or practice.

You can play OptiShot using a real golf ball, the included foam ball or no ball at all.