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Are your looking to buy Arccos Caddie Golf Smart Sensors for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Arccos Caddie Golf Smart Sensors.


Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors are a set of golf performance tracking devices designed to provide detailed insights and data about your golf game. These sensors are typically attached to the grip end of each club in your golf bag, including the putter.

The sensors work in conjunction with a mobile app that collects and analyzes the data recorded by the sensors. They use GPS and motion sensors to track various aspects of your game, including distance, accuracy, club usage, and more. The sensors automatically detect each shot you take, eliminating the need for manual input.

The Arccos Golf Caddie system uses the data collected from the sensors to provide you with real-time feedback and personalized recommendations to improve your game. It can offer insights into your strengths and weaknesses, suggest club selections, provide strategy advice, and even recommend optimal tee placements based on historical data and course mapping.

By analyzing your performance over time, the Arccos Golf Caddie system aims to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your overall golfing skills. It can provide a wealth of information about your game, including statistics such as average distance for each club, fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putting stats.

The Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. They utilize Bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to access and review your performance data on the go.

Overall, the Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors are designed to enhance your golfing experience by providing valuable insights and helping you make informed decisions to improve your game.


Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors


Winner of five-straight Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for “Best Game Analyser,” Arccos Caddie new members experience an average handicap improvement of 5.02 strokes during the first year, by ensuring players make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores. Arccos’ 3rd-Generation system features 14 sensors – one for every club in your bag – and access to the award winning Arccos Caddie app, golf’s Smartest Caddie featuring:

  • Automatic shot tracking, hands-free fully automatic shot capture
  • NEW – Smart Club Distances, know how far you hit all your clubs in any type of weather conditions.
  • K• A.I. Powered Rangefinder, first-ever GPS rangefinder that adjusts in real-time for wind (including gusts), slope, temperature,
  • humidity and altitude giving you the Arccos Caddie Number, the most precise yardage in the game
  • Caddie Advice (unlocked after 5 rounds), that leverages A.I., personalised to the players’ game to provide the optimal strategy
  • Strokes Gained Analytics personalised insights using A.I. to highlight strengths and weaknesses and guide your practice & equipment choices

Arccos Caddie is golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, combining Automatic Shot Tracking + Smart Distance Club Averages + Advanced Analytics + Caddie Advice for any hole on earth to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores.

Arccos seamlessly captures thousands of data points during every round you play and provides unequaled insights about how far to hit each shot, which club to use in every situation, and what skills to practice, helping golfers of all skill levels improve faster than ever.

All full set Smart Sensor purchases include the first year’s membership to the Arccos Caddie app starting from the date activated.


  • Get Al-powered Caddie Advice for every shot, on every hole
  • Learn precisely which club to use in every situation
  • Know your precise yardage to any point on the course calculated by golf’s most powerful and accurate A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder in the world.
  • Identify your actual strengths and weaknesses


  • Ultralight, low-profile sensors
  • Battery designed to last 5 years and fully guaranteed for 2 years
  • Power saving mode
  • Enhanced shot-detection algorithm
  • Access to Arccos Caddie app upgrades
  • Permitted Under the Rules of Golf (Decision Number 201-0754)


  • 13 regular Arccos Caddie sensors + 1 Arccos Caddie Putter sensor
  • Free iOS & Android apps
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee
  • 1 Year subscription (included in purchase price)

About This Item

  • Winner of four-straight Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for “Best Game Analyzer, ” Arccos Caddie is golf’s first and only fully-automatic performance tracking system. It features 14 sensors, one for every club in your bag.
  • Access to the award winning Arccos Caddie app, golf’s Smartest Caddie.
  • Automatic shot tracking, hands-free fully automatic data capture.
  • A. I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, first-ever rangefinder that adjusts in real-time for wind (including gusts), elevation, temperature, humidity and altitude providing the most precise yardage in the game the Arccos Caddie Number.
  • Personalized Caddie Advice that leverages A. I. to provide you with your optimal strategy.
  • Smart Distance Club Averages, know how far to actually hit all your clubs so you select the right one for every shot.
  • Strokes Gained Analytics with personalized insights using A.I. to highlight strengths and weaknesses and guide your practice & equipment choices
  • Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors include the first year’s membership to the Arccos Caddie app

Arccos Caddie Golf Smart Sensors are a set of sensors that attach to the grip end of a golf club and track the golfer’s performance on the course. The sensors use GPS and motion detection technology to collect data on the golfer’s shots, including distance, accuracy, and club usage.

The data collected by the sensors is then sent to the Arccos Caddie app, which uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized club recommendations, strategy advice, and other insights to help golfers improve their game. The app also allows golfers to track their progress over time and compare their performance to other golfers using the Arccos system.

The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are compatible with most major golf club brands and can be easily installed without any special tools or expertise. The sensors are also designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, so they won’t interfere with the golfer’s swing or grip.

Overall, the Arccos Caddie Golf Smart Sensors are a useful tool for golfers looking to improve their performance on the course by tracking and analyzing their shots in real-time.


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5 reviews for Arccos Caddie Golf Smart Sensors

  1. Benjamin

    Works as advertised!

    So I know some people have had issues, here is my story. I have been using Golf pad app and there tags. Used them for the last 8 years no issues at all loved the app. I would say the last 6 or 7 rounds I was having issues tagging my irons almost every other shot would register. And I don’t have time to be fooling around with trying to tap my club to my phone while playing in a foursome. This lead me to Arccos. I don’t mind my phone being in my pocket because I have doing that anyways, and now not having to tap would be even better.

    Setting up was easy followed directions and each tag was identified and ready to go, took about 15 minutes. Downloaded the course I was going to play and was ready to go. Got to the course phone was in my left pocket(RH Golfer) took out driver and hit my tee shot took out my phone and it says Driver added. So far so good. Long story short it did this for every club. It was NEVER off and always had the right club. Same with putting. Walked up set up and putt…,no issues. The ONLY thing that changed for me is I had to tell my friends don’t knock the ball back to me on a “gimme”. I wanted to put everything out so it can record all the shots. The fact that I didn’t have to “tag” my club was a game changer for me. It picked up all my shots and putts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Oh as far as phone battery i have a Note 20 Ultra started the round with 100% and ended it with 63% battery . I also used my Samsung Galaxy watch 3 and it ended with 55% battery. All in all a GREAT app and very happy with my purchase.! Feel free to ask questions!

  2. Isabella

    Great Product, I will be in line for the “Caddie Link” when it becomes available again.

    Sensor worked as advertised. One bobble registering the sensors but it was easy to correct. I have completed One round and it worked great, Identifying Club and registering each shot flawlessly.
    Unfortunately it has rained almost every day that my group has played. Can’t wait until the good weather returns so that I can get the “Caddie” function to work which requires five full rounds.
    I am waiting for the Caddie Link to become available also. That seems like a great addition to the system. My plan is to leave the phone attached to the bag with addition battery connected to eliminate any battery problems with the phone.

    Fully charged after a 3.0 hr round my battery was down to 50% power left. ( I played alone the first round on a wet course). My typical group completes the round in 3.5 to 4 hours under good conditions. My feeling at this point battery drain will not be a problem if I leave the phone on the whole time during the round with a backup battery on my pull cart. My Phone is an IPhone 6.

  3. Henry

    This is JUNK!

    First let me say that I bought this system after viewing a review on YouTube by Rick Shields. He obviously only used them once or twice. When I received them, they were easy to install and I couldn’t wait to try them and get my five rounds in to get the promised information. Luckily I am retired and play 4 times a week. So in 9 days I had those 5 rounds in so I could get the information. The sensors worked most of the time even though I had my phone in my front left pocket all the time. A number of shots were missing as I always kept a card to record the round. In addition there were a couple of extra shots recorded. One of the sensors quit working and I found out about that after the first two weeks. Now the time for my money back warranty was half way used up but I liked the idea of it so I had them send me one sensor after 4 weeks. They sent the sensor and it took 10 days to receive it. By the time I received it and then went out to play with the system 6 more sensors had quit. Now I was concerned because if I had to replace sensors every time I played this was going to be a real headache and I let them know. I was all set to return the system even though I was past Amazon’s 30 day return policy which also is Arccos return policy when another sensor went out. Then I went out to play to find a ton of missing shots and I was totally frustrated. I haven’t had the will to test all the sensors once again as I know I have at least 3 out and maybe more. This might be ok for a golfer who plays twice a month and can afford to have a continuous dialog with Arccos and can continually replace sensors for who knows how long until you get fed up and go back to your gps application of choice and realize that that is your best choice (meaning The Grint or 18 Birdies or whatever).

    I would have given zero stars if their customer service sucked as bad as their product but that part I have no complaint with.

  4. Evelyn

    Good tool

    Is a really good tool to help golfer improve their gamr

  5. Alexander

    I love Arccos. It really lets you “Monday morning quarterback” your game.

    I had high hopes for this, and they were exceeded. Besides the GPS ability that it gives you, after playing 5 rounds with it ARCCOS will tell you which club you should play on each hole of the golf course. 10/10 would recommend.

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