The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net


Are your looking to buy The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net.


The Net Return is excited to announce the Cimarron Swing Master Golf Net golf net which provides terrific ball return, instant shot feedback and is designed for a variety of sports. 

With the additional height and width of the XL, golfers can now hit clubs farther back allowing for longer flight distances, greater swing comfort and the ability to use any swing analysis tool (Trackman, Cimarron 15′ x 150′ Golf Barrier, Foresight, etc.) for the ultimate in shot accuracy.

Perfect for training facilities, colleges / universities, teams or corporate events.

Pro Series XL Golf Net Video:

What’s Included

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  • Pro Series XL golf net
  • Duffle bag (For transporting and storage)

Pro Series XL Golf Net Features

  1. 250,000 Shot guarantee
  2. Assembles in under 15 min
  3. Easily stored or transported
  4. Enhanced side protection for miss-hit balls
  5. Rectangular weighted base for ultimate performance and safety
The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net Specs:
  • Height: 9′ 6″
  • Width: 10′
  • Depth: 3′ 6″
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • We recommend indoor use only. The large size of the net outdoors acts like a “ProTee Horizontal Camera” and can easily tip / blow over.
Pro Series XL Customization: 
  • Like all of our training nets, the Vertical Launch Camera can be purchased in a variety of custom colors and logos.
  • Pricing on customization is based on the number of sleeve colors, logo’s, etc. Give us a call with the specifics and we can provide you with a exact cost.

The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net Video:


The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net

Do you like The Net Return Pro Series net but want commodity indeed bigger? The Pro Series XL will do that for you.
The Pro Series XL sits at a veritably large9.5 ft high and 10 bases wide. This added height and weight allows you to hit shots from further back so that you can feel more comfortable going at the ball. It also ensures that you ’ll be suitable to use any radar- grounded launch examiner similar as the Mevo Plus, TrackMan or X3 to its full eventuality.

still, the Pro Series XL is clearly the hitting net you want to have, If you have the space for it in your home and the budget.

Fresh Info

The Net Return Pro Series XL net provides the same benefits as the Pro Series V2 net including ball return with instructional shot feedback,multi-sport functionality, quick assembly and easy transport with an included duffle bag.
Still, the Pro Series XL may be more prone to getting blown over by the wind because of the “ passage effect ” caused by the large size. This makes inner use the preferred use, and for out-of-door use, secure weighting or stakes are indeed more important.

Beyond that, the Pro Series XL net has excellent stability corroborated by the addition of 11 further tubes to the frame design( 25 aggregate) and a blockish weighted base.
The net weighs 49 lbs and has a,000 shot guarantee. Assembly takes 15 twinkles or lower. You can order it in a variety of custom colours and ensigns then.

11 reviews for The Net Return Pro Series XL Golf Net

  1. Oliver

    Great net for practice
    This net is designed for ball golf and would do a great job I’m sure. I purchased it for use when throwing discs (frisbees) and it works very nicely. Plenty of surface area to catch errant throws and it appears to be very sturdy. I have not used the included ground anchors as it stands easily on its own. This is a high quality product and was easy to assemble. I’d recommend it.

  2. Olivia

    Great value for the money
    The directions are not great, but there are only a few pieces so it’s not a problem. It’s designed to be easily disassembled so don’t worry if the pieces seem to fit together loosely. The net does indeed seem to be heavy duty and well made. In the unlikely event you were to damage it it could be easily repaired. It comes with a carrying bag for storage or transport and if you’ve put it together once you can put it together again in about 3 minutes.

  3. Oliver

    Cool net
    Set up and starting practicing. My game has improved greatly.

  4. Noah

    Nice big target. Exceeds expectations.
    Easy to assemble. Using it within 10 minutes.

  5. Liam

    Great product
    Nice and sturdy, easy setup. We will see about durability… so far a great product.

  6. Emma

    Great Deal!
    Good quality for the price. I would recommend this product.

  7. Alexander

    Very happy with my Purchase

    We bought this for the family to use and have had for 3 months now. It took us a little while to set it up they way we wanted; but, we now have it lined up the way we want and it works great!
    From Amazon, we purchased the Net Return Pro and a 5×5 Country Club Elite Reel Feel Golf Mat. To fill in the rest of the area (lighter green, I picked up a putting green carpet from a specialized rug company (Amazon didn’t have the dimensions I was looking for). A putting rug was significantly less thick than the Reel Feel golf mat; so, I bought some Drivore R+ insulated subfloor panels to go under and elevate the putting green around the golf mat. Amazon doesn’t carry the Net Return side panels; so, we bought those directly from the manufacturer (Rain or Shine Golf).

    As you can see from the photo, we have very high ceilings in our unfinished basement. Make sure the area you are planning for your net has high enough ceilings that you can easily swing your clubs!

  8. Evelyn

    Best net I ever bought

    I’ve bought a lot of nets to hit into but this by far is the best. I originally meant to set up outside but when I found how easy it was to put up and take down I started using it in my garage with my launch monitor. I literally use it practically everyday. I just take 4 sides down and place on the side of my garage when done. Still allows me to park both cars inside. Takes me about 3 min to set up and take down. Well worth the money and if I ever wear it out I’ll buy another net(net only)

  9. Henry

    Great Personal Hitting Net

    This is an excellent net. Its very easy to put together with the color coded tubes and its very durable. I have it outside and it handles all kinds of weather. I thought I’d need to add side nets, but I found I don’t need them. I plan on taking this net between my summer and winter homes and it looks like it will be easy to transport with the included carrying case.

  10. Isabella

    Great way to improve your game

    We were looking for a way to quickly hit a bucket of balls. Whether to just stay loose or find the feel of hitting it “flush” for a little confidence, this allowed for that. Get a good mat to compliment and enjoy. Highly recommend!

  11. Benjamin

    Works as Advertised

    This net is amazing. When my local driving range started charging $17 for a large bucket of balls I decided it was time to buy a net. I went back and forth with this decision for weeks because of the price. Finally I bit the bullet and I couldn’t be happier with the product. I am using it all the time and the best part is that it actually returns the ball as advertised, even the bad shots come back. I can tell this is going to help improve my game just from the amount of practice I am doing. Next up, a launch monitor to feed the addiction.

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The Pro Series XL is the largest golf hitting net on the market today. The size and design of the Pro Series XL make it a multi sports net. This net can literally be used for any sport. Its durable aluminum frame make it rust free and able to be used indoors or outdoors.

The Net Return XL is one of the most durable nets on the market today. Its frame is 1.5″ tubular aluminum and is completely rust resistant. Its netting is made from polyester and is UV treated and commercial grade. Guaranteed to withstand 250,000 shots or more! Its tubes easily connect and snap into place and sure to give you years of practice indoors and outdoors.

The Color coded push button assembly make putting together any Net Return product fast and easy. One person can easily assemble the Net Return Pro Series net in under 30 minutes with no tools required. Once your net is assembled simply add the side barriers and sand bags and roll out the hitting mat for a complete at home golf practice facility.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling)
  • Full One Year Warranty
  • Height: 9′ 6″
  • Width: 10′
  • Depth: 3′ 6″
  • Weight: 49 lbs.

The XL Golf hitting net can also be used for multiple sports including hockey, lacrosse, baseball, softball, and even soccer or football. This makes the XL hitting net one of the most versatile at home sports products on the market. It’s durable design allow it to be used indoors and outdoors and can with stand golf ball speeds of up to 225 MPH! The XL will hold up even when kicking a soccer ball because of its design. Of course any ball, puck, or object tossed into The Net Return will easily and effortlessly be returned back to you.

It can stand a little wind, but not big wind gust

I’ve used my PW and it does stay in the inside. But I was at 5 feet from the edg

it is not very thick but seems to hold up to traffic and wear and tear.

Only gotta worry about the wind out side. Inside it does good just sitting ther