HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf

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Are your looking to buy HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf.


The Landing Pad is a 9′ x 5′ artificial grass surface meant to soften the landing of a ball as it drops down from the HomeCourse Pro Screen. It is not meant to be used as a hitting surface.

13 reviews for HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf

  1. Emma

    Not worth the money…
    I was disappointed in the quality of this landing pad. I it just a piece of old school Astro turf. It is definitely not worth the money!

  2. Olivia

    Looks good in my yard

    Got my monies worth

  3. Oliver


    Can be difficult to clean if you get mud on it. It does tear at the seams. My dogs have scratched at it a couple of times bit haven’t gotten through it yet. So it is decently durable. Just hard to clean

  4. Noah

    Great Turf

    Bought two of these to use in the garage when it rains as our 17 year old dog won’t go outside but will use the turf in the garage. We put puppy pads under to absorb the urine and not smell at all

  5. Liam

    Great outdoor grass

    This is definitely the best of the three places I’ve ordered from. New, Very good quality, drains, easy to clean off, doesn’t ravel along any of the edges.

  6. Alexander

    Great service and sturdy construction

    We’ve had a lot of fun with our golf simulator. I was worried because we only had 8.5 feet but it works great and rain or shine has been super prompt with any support /installation questions.

  7. Evelyn

    Great putting surface!

    Showed up within days. Rolled out flat. Turned the living room into a putting green ( … much to the chagrin of my Better Half! 🙂

    Very happy! 🙂

  8. Henry

    Turf Landing Pad

    Well, i haven’t had that much experience with it because i haven’t received my skytrak yet. , However, just hitting into the net, i’ve found the turf to offer excellent coverage. Sometimes the ball will bounce too much off the turf. I’ve got it covering hard wood floor and the ball will bouce high instead of absorb. Meanwhile, Everything is set up and ready to plug in the skytrak whenever it shows up. Hope my comments help. paul

  9. Isabella

    Great service

    Great products with great service. Prompt response to any questions or problems.

  10. Benjamin

    Perfect fit

    Fits perfect

  11. Jim

    I recently purchased the HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf to accompany my HomeCourse Pro Screen, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The Landing Pad is a 9′ x 5′ artificial grass surface designed to cushion the landing of a ball as it descends from the screen.

  12. Jay

    The quality of the turf is exceptional, providing a soft and realistic surface for the ball to land on. It effectively absorbs the impact of the ball, preventing any damage to the floor or the ball itself.

  13. Calvin

    Overall, I highly recommend the HomeCourse Landing Pad Turf to anyone looking to enhance their golf practice setup. It is a quality product that delivers on its promise of providing a safe and effective landing surface for your golf balls.

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