Ladies SuperSpeed Golf Training System


Are your looking to Ladies SuperSpeed Golf Training System for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Ladies SuperSpeed Golf Training System.


SuperSpeed Golf Training System for Ladies

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System for Ladies is one of the single greatest breakthroughs in women’s game improvement.

With this system players are learning to create efficient speed and power, increase the height, spin, and trajectory of their golf shots, hit the ball farther down the fairway, and lower their scores!

In 4-6 weeks of regular practice we see huge gains in distance not only with the driver, but also with the irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Getting the ball up in the air and on the green has never been easier!

Over 600 Tour Pros Are Using The SuperSpeed Golf Training System

Generating swing speed is a common issue with many female golfers. Lack of swing speed can result in difficulty getting the ball into the air, low trajectory shots, very short distance with every club in the bag, and a tendency for many of the clubs to produce shots of almost the same distance. This takes the fun out of golf! SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip Women have great potential to create large amounts of swing speed when they learn how to sequence the golf swing efficiently.  We have found the largest gains with our female golfers than any other population segment working with SuperSpeed Golf. This is one reason why we currently have over 70 LPGA Tour Players working with the system. 

During the development of SuperSpeed Golf, we found that using lighter weight clubs in specific training can help every golfer increase swing speed, maximize biomechanical efficiency, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce many common swing flaws caused by inefficient sequencing.  We spent years determining the optimal weighting breakdown of the SuperSpeed Golf Clubs and the most effective training protocols to maximize a player’s progress. The result is the SuperSpeed Golf Ladies Training System.


How The SuperSpeed Training System Works

This system is optimized for players who play a lightweight driver with an overall weight between 275 and 305 grams.

This set includes the Yellow (Superlight), Green (light), Blue (medium), weighted SuperSpeed Clubs. Players will swing all three clubs in a light to heavy progression during the overspeed training protocols.  Players typically gain on average 5% additional swing speed over the first 4-6 weeks and even more gains working through the subsequent training protocols.

Each session only takes about 10 minutes to complete. We recommend 3 training sessions per week with one rest day between sessions for optimal results.

What’s In The Box
  • SuperSpeed Golf Yellow “SuperLight” Training Club – 45″L
  • SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” Training Club – 45″L
  • SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” Training Club – 45″L
Players Should Use This Set If

3 reviews for Ladies SuperSpeed Golf Training System

  1. Emma

    a great product
    Training aid

  2. Liam

    Very expensive and onerous system…..
    The amount of training suggested is ridiculous! If after several months you can get only maybe 10 yards of distance without any mention of improved accuracy, forget it!
    Much better to work on technique!

  3. Noah

    This is the real deal!
    Turned 50 and lost some swing speed. I’m a 5 handicap and just wanted to get the ball in the air again with the driver and irons. I’m not a gadget guy because I typically believe hard work and good fundamentals is enough but you can’t fight Father Time.

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The Superspeed Golf training system made our list for the best golf training aids for a reason…it really works! If you’re looking to add more distance to your entire game, this is one of the best devices for you. According to their website, over 600 Tour pros are using the SuperSpeed Golf training system!

One of the values of pairing the SuperSpeed training system with a tool like Rapsodo is the ability to monitor intent in successive swings. … Using tools like SuperSpeed and feedback from the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor can remove your speed governor and maximizing your training intent.

While the $199 price tag might be a little more than some want to spend, if you’re really looking to gain speed and efficiency, then SuperSpeed is worth the investment, and arguably the best training aid on the market for improving that aspect of your game.

The unit can record and save up to 100 shots (or you can upgrade with a subscription to save thousands of swings to the Cloud) in real time, offering standard MLM numbers for distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, launch angle and launch direction. The only missing data point is spin rate.

The Rapsodo MLM measures the following six parameters: Club head speed: the speed of the club head at impact. Ball speed: the speed of the ball immediately after impact. Carry distance: the distance from impact to first landing

According to the manufacturer, using the SuperSpeed Golf training system can add up to 30 yards to your drives. But it takes a lot of practise and patience – the initial training level lasts six weeks, to be exact.

Many people have taken note of Phil’s use of a product called SuperSpeed Golf. He’s been seen on TV warming up with their speed sticks before rounds for over a year now. Their system trains your body to swing faster using a concept called Overspeed training.

More than 600 professionals have used the SuperSpeed system at one point or another, with Phil Mickelson serving as the most notable success story. Mickelson credits the system for helping his swing speed jump from 116 mph last season to 120 mph in 2019. Visit for more information.

Can I use both Pitching and Hitting at the same time? Absolutely! The units will sit back to back and you will need two iPads running both apps.

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