Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft | Golf Hitting Net


Are your looking to buy Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft | Golf Hitting Net for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft | Golf Hitting Net.


The Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft is a golf hitting net designed to provide a practice area for golfers to improve their swing and accuracy. Here are some features and details you might find useful:

  1. Size: The net has dimensions of 10 feet in width and 7 feet in height, providing a relatively large hitting area.
  2. Material: It is typically made of durable and high-quality materials such as nylon or polyester netting with a mesh design that captures golf balls and prevents them from going astray.
  3. Frame: The net is supported by a sturdy frame, usually constructed from lightweight yet durable materials like fiberglass or metal poles. The frame helps maintain the net’s shape and stability during use.
  4. Assembly: The Golf Net Pro is designed for easy setup and takedown. It often comes with instructions and can be assembled relatively quickly without the need for additional tools.
  5. Portability: Many golf hitting nets are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily transport and set up the net in different locations. Some models come with carrying cases for convenient storage and transportation.
  6. Safety: Golf nets are designed to absorb the impact of golf balls, reducing the risk of them rebounding or causing injury. However, it’s important to practice caution and ensure a safe environment when using the net, such as maintaining a safe distance from other people or fragile objects.
  7. Versatility: The Golf Net Pro can be used for various practice purposes, including driving, chipping, and pitching. It allows you to practice different shots and improve your overall golf game.

When purchasing a Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft or any golf hitting net, it’s advisable to check customer reviews, compare prices, and consider the specific features and requirements that suit your needs.


The Golf Net Pro by The Golfer’s Pick

Brings the driving range to your home!

  • The search for a great value golf net that handles real golf balls and lets you swing your club at home like a pro is finally over.
  • Practice from the convenience of your home, indoors and outdoors, with the most efficient and durable hitting net on the market.
  • Swing with confidence: From your wedge to your driver, you will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls into this golf net.

Designed to take a beating, the Net Pro will hold up even the most rigorous of practice sessions. Safely practice on a large target area, this 10 by 7 feet tear-resistant net provides a wide hitting zone to catch any errant shots.

Easy setup within just a few minutes, saving you time and energy to help you become a master of the game!

This will be the last golf net you’ll ever need!


Who it’s best for: If you are looking for a premium quality, durable net with all the bells and whistles, this is it. Best for practice in your home, backyard, garage, or driveway, with outstanding stability and durability for years of practice to come. The Golf Net Pro was designed with simplicity in mind, easy to setup and fold, and it will fit any golfer regardless of skill or experience.

The Golfer’s Pick Satisfaction Guarantee:
  • Lifetime Warranty: At The Golfer’s Pick we know you came to win. We also understand in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Golfer’s Pick Lifetime Warranty for your Golf Net Pro.
  • No-risk purchasing and outstanding USA-based customer service
  • Guaranteed FREE & FAST Shipping in the U.S.: Ships out in 24-48 hours


Golf Net Pro Key Features:

✅ Practice from the Convenience of Your Home

Bring the driving range to you with the most efficient, portable and durable hitting net on the Market. Anytime and anywhere you feel like practicing, the Golf Net Pro will never let you down.

✅ Swing with Confidence

From your wedge to your driver, you will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls. Designed to take a beating, this net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions.

✅ Heavy Duty & Durable

4 ply knot-less high-performance netting that will withstand the force from your hardest drives. Features a lightweight, rust-resistant tubular aluminium frame making this net highly durable yet easily portable.

✅ Quick & Easy, One Person Setup

The Golf Net Pro is extremely portable and easy to setup. 2-minute setup/breakdown for more practice. Lightweight and portable for golf practice anywhere! Comes with a durable travel bag.

✅ LARGE hitting area to collect even an errant shot at 10ft wide x 7ft high x 3ft deep. Safely swing inside or outside. Unmatched ball roll back feature.


  • The Golf Net Pro measures 10ft wide x 7ft high x 3 ft deep
  • OPTIONAL: The Hitting Mat measures 24×12 inches (2×1 feet)

What’s in the box:

  • All orders come with an official The Golfer’s Pick GOLF NET PRO hitting net, poles and carry bag
  • All “Golf Net Pro + Hitting Mat” orders come with a 24×12 inches Tri-Turf Hitting Mat (Please select correct variant before adding item to cart)
  • All “Golf Net Pro NET ONLY” orders do not include a Hitting Mat


The Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft is a golf hitting net designed for golfers to practice their swings in the comfort of their own home or backyard. The net is made of durable materials that can withstand the impact of golf balls and measures 10 feet wide by 7 feet high, providing ample space for hitting golf balls.

The net is easy to set up and take down, making it ideal for golfers who want to practice their swings whenever they have spare time. The Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft also comes with a target that can be used to improve accuracy and precision in shots.

With the Golf Net Pro 10×7 ft, golfers can practice their swings without having to worry about the weather or the availability of a golf course. It’s a great investment for golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game and stay on top of their golfing skills.