Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie


Are your looking to buy Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie.


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The Voice Caddie VC300 SE Voice Golf Green Caddie from Voice Caddie will train your eye to read breaking greens and improve your understanding of the green beyond visual perception.

The GC200 displays the angle of the slope of a green in relation to the hole, and the steepest slope of a green, allowing for effective green reading training. Alternates automatically between angle mode and distance mode.

The slope of the green is the single biggest factor in how much your putt will break on its way to the hole. Putting is the most difficult part of golf, not only for amateurs but for pro golfers as well.

Take this opportunity to add an invaluable tool to your training. Make green reading less of a guessing game and more of a science. Shave strokes off your game today with the Voice Caddie GC200!

- Black Friday Deals Discount

Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie Features

  • Ultra light & slim body design
  • Uses as a Ball Marker
  • Measures the distance to the hole
  • Displays the angle of the slope in two ways:
  • Angle to the hole
  • Angle of the steepest slope
  • Automatically alternates between angle mode and distance mode
  • Angle mode at angles less than 45 degrees
  • Distance mode at angles greater than 45 degrees
  • Automatically powers off after 3 minutes
  • Allows for precision green readings
  • Slope Inclination Direction
  • Take your putting beyond merely visual perception

“Digital Ball Marker and Green Reader”

Accurately Measures Green Undulation. Outdoor Visible LCD Display. Bring Precision to Your Putting.

The makers of Voice Caddie VC300 SE Voice Golf  brings you GC200 that is light and slimmer than before. It is a digital green reader that accurately measures green slope angles and displays slope inclination directions. The GC200 Green Caddie is ergonomically designed for portable application. It features an ultra small & light body with a compact design. The GC200 will surely improve your understanding of the green beyond visual perception.


  • Accurately measure green slope angles and displays slope inclination directions
  • Two types of gradient slope functions: putting slope angle and slope inclination directional arrow
  • Light and vividly colored Green Caddie
  • Can be use as a ball marker
  • Ultralight and compact
  • Automatic power-off after 3 minutes of idle use
  • Automatically alternates between angle and distance mode

How to Play Video -Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie

10 reviews for Voice Caddie GC200 Green Caddie

  1. Emma

    Voice Caddie
    My husband loves it!

  2. Liam

    Ease of use
    Very simplified

  3. Noah

    Best golf gps ever
    This is quite helpful and so easy to use. I bought it for my husband’s birthday gift and we both use it. I now want my own.

  4. Oliver

    Love love love it
    Very accurate !!

  5. Olivia

    Great and convient item for golfer
    Small and simple – works great for average golfer.

  6. Alexander

    This thing is great

    It connects quickly, is very accurate, and the battery lasts for 2 full rounds.

    I wish it could get a little louder since I play a lot in the wind which makes it hard to hear sometimes.

    I recommend this for people looking for a quick, easy way to get your yardage.

  7. Evelyn

    Very accurate

    I’ve had mine for two years. It’s very accurate easy to use and a great value. I shake to much to use a scope and my eyesight is poor. That said I tap this and get great audible yardages. Seems to pick up courses rather easily. The battery life is about a round. If you play slow it will die on about 17:). I think it’s a great product. Cheers

  8. Henry

    Simple to use

    I like the ease of use. Turn it on, and it automatically searches for the golf course you are at. It takes a minute or so, but then its ready to use. I use it mostly to determine the distance from the green. Press the unit and it tells you. Just so simple! Also useful for measuring the distance of your drive. I’d recommend this product.

  9. Isabella

    The best ever.

    This small device has much more than met expectations it has surpassed them. When switched on it quickly finds the Course and is always ready before I am on the difficulty first Tee. It is accurate when compared with other players much more expensive equipment and ofcoursa I do not need my reading glasses.. The Voice Caddie has never just the satellite or got stuck on the wrong hole as Garmon watch does.
    Really happy with my new friend.

  10. Benjamin

    Great little devise

    How good is this Voice Caddy? For me, far easier to use than a watch. It has really helped my game and choice of what club to use.

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This new speech ready GPS rangefinder from voice caddie really speeds up play and is super easy to use simply. Hold down the on/off switch for two seconds to power on and off it’s that easy.

Swing Caddie claims that the SC300 launch monitor is accurate within 3% of the data provided for ball speed, within 5% accurate for data provided on carry distance and 3 yards in carry distance when measured in Target mode.

Connect a VC device and utilize a variety of functions. – Connecting VoiceCaddie’s golf watch(G1, T5, T6, T7, T8) with this APP will enhance GPS locking time when you are in start point.

Pushing the “-” button for 2 seconds while you are putting the voice caddy on will change the yard/meter setting from yards to meters or meters to yards.

You can now take practice swings without hitting the ball, and it will display your swing speed.

Go back to carry. Keep it on carry. And then when you switch it on here with your remote. You can your app that you download switches as well from total to carry yards as well. So on your app.

Effectiveness. For a launch monitor at this price, the first question is always, “Is it accurate?” The Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS is very impressive in terms of accuracy. Testing both indoors and outdoors, the SC200 PLUS was consistently in line with a Foresight GC2 that costs roughly 50 times as much.

Now, Voice Caddie offers golfers an even deeper insight into their swing with the latest update to the My Swing Caddie app: spin rate statistics. … The device also allows users to specify the specific club and launch angle for even more accurate stats and more insightful data.

When tested on the driving range, both against the wind and with the wind, the SC300i proved to have extremely good accuracy. When checked against a rangefinder, it was within 1 or 2 yards of the flag. Additionally, the remote made it easy to switch up clubs and the Voice Caddie announced every shot.

Similar to higher end professional solutions like Flight Scope or Trackman – the Swing Caddie uses a doppler radar based system to calculate your shot information. The SC200 has built in temperature and barometric pressure gauges to help accurately calibrate itself for the most accurate readings possible.

Voice Caddie GPS Hybrid and Standard Laser Rangefinders

Voice Caddie’s SL1 Active Hybrid Laser Rangefinder with Green Undulation provides the best distance measuring device in all of golf.

Both GPS devices were typically within 2 yards of each other and within 3 to 4 yards of the laser. I tend to trust lasers the most, but the Voice Caddie’s accuracy seemed good and more than ample for the everyday golfer. Plus, if you behind a tree or hitting a blind shot, a laser isn’t much use.

To automatically update your Voice Caddie with all courses in the VC course database,press “UPDATE COURSE DATA”. To manually add or remove courses on your Voice Caddie, select the desired course and use the “Add” and “Remove” buttons. To change the spoken language on your Voice Caddie, press “CHANGE VOICE LANGUAGE”.

Launch angle for ball only, no club angle of attack.