Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package + FSX


Are your looking to buy Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package FSX for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package FSX.


The Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package is a comprehensive golf simulation system that includes the GC2 Launch Monitor and the FSX Software. The GC2 Launch Monitor is a portable device that uses high-speed cameras to accurately capture ball flight data such as ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and carry distance. The FSX Software is the simulation software that provides a realistic virtual golfing experience.

The SwingBay package includes a hitting bay enclosure, a hitting mat, a projector, a retractable screen, and all the necessary cables and connectors. The hitting bay enclosure creates a designated space for you to swing your clubs and hit golf balls without worrying about damaging your surroundings. The hitting mat provides a realistic surface for hitting shots, and the projector and retractable screen display the virtual golf course and shot data.

The FSX Software offers a wide range of features and game modes to enhance your golfing experience. It includes a variety of virtual golf courses, practice ranges, skill challenges, and multiplayer options. You can play full rounds of golf, practice specific shots, compete with friends, or participate in skill-building exercises.

With the GC2 Launch Monitor’s accurate data capture and the FSX Software’s realistic graphics and gameplay, the SwingBay package allows you to practice and play golf indoors, regardless of the weather or time of day. It’s a popular choice for golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game or enjoy virtual golfing from the comfort of their own home or business.

Do you dream about creating a home golf experience but are getting overwhelmed with all the details – what simulator to choose, what screen to use, or how in the world you are going to set it up? Have you given up looking because you don’t think it’s possible to create a realistic simulator setup?

Our team at Rain or Shine Golf hears you and we’re here to help. Foresight Sports HMT Certified Certified Pre-Owned We’ve searched the market far and wide for the ultimate all-in-one home golf simulator studio that provides top-level accuracy!

Introducing, the GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio – the perfect solution for your home golf simulator, exclusively found at Rain or Shine Golf.

Demo Video-GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package FSX

4 reviews for Foresight Sports GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package + FSX

  1. Oliver

    Living a golf dream in winter

    Love to be able to golf without having to go sign up at a golf course for their simulators

  2. Noah

    Nice golf screen

    Really good screen handles full shots from a driver with regular golf balls

  3. Liam

    Good buy

    I have this setup in my garage. The material seems durable. I have placed a small white screen in front of my main hitting area to reduce any damage taken. Make sure you iron the screen before you hang up. I think this will last me for a couple years. Worth a buy for the $$$

  4. Emma

    Terrible purchase

    No structure or instructions provided what so ever on how to setup this product. Absolutely useless. They recommend buying bungee straps but there is nothing to strap on top. It’s just a white tarp on a box

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