Garmin tactix 7 Pro GPS Tactical Smartwatch


Are your looking to buy Garmin tactix 7 Pro GPS Tactical Smartwatch for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Garmin tactix 7 Pro GPS Tactical Smartwatch.


Product Description

tactix 7 – Pro Edition is the multisport GPS smartwatch featuring a Power Sapphire solar charging lens with traditional button controls and a touchscreen display. Its rugged yet sophisticated design includes an always-on 1.4” solar powered display with sapphire lens, custom front bezel design, black DLC-coated steel bezel and black PVD-coated steel rear cover. Mission-ready tactical features include a dimmable white or green LED flashlight, night vision compatible display, preloaded tactical activity, dual-position GPS formatting, Jumpmaster mode, projected waypoints, stealth mode and kill switch. Navigate the harshest environments with elite navigation featuring preloaded TopoActive and ski maps plus multi-band and multi-GNSS support. The tactix 7 – Pro Edition smartwatch also includes advanced training and performance tracking such as endurance and stamina, comprehensive wellness monitoring, and everyday functionality with smart notifications (when paired with your compatible smartphone), Garmin Pay contactless payments (with a supported country and payment network) and more.

About this item

IN THE BOX: 1x Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Edition Smartwatch with Nylon Band, 1x Black silicone watch band, 1x Charging/data cable, 1x Wearable4U Black EarBuds, 1x microUSB charging cable

EQUIPPPED TO EXECIUTE EVERY OBJECTION: Specialized tactical features include Jumpmaster mode, waypoint projection, stealth mode, dual-position format, preloaded tactical activity and a kill switch to erase user data and location. Navigate the outdoors with preloaded TopoActive and ski maps, navigation sensors, and multi-GNSS and multi-band support, providing the highest level of positional accuracy from Garmin

BUILT-IN SPORTS APPS: Use preloaded activity profiles for trail running, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing and more.

BATTERY LIFE: When paired with your compatible smartphone, enjoy comprehensive wellness monitoring plus all-day functionality with smart notifications, Garmin Pay contactless payments (with a supported country and payment network) and up to 37 days of battery life when solar charging (assumes all-day wear with 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions) in smartwatch mode

WEARABLE4U ULTIMATE EARBUDS + POWER PACK: Wearable4U 2 in 1 EarBuds + Power Pack contains Wearable4U Power Case1500 mAh, Wearable4U Bluetooth EarBuds Pro. Keep your device charged at all times and enjoy your music during sports activities with our Wearable4U 2in1 Earbuds Pro!


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5 reviews for Garmin tactix 7 Pro GPS Tactical Smartwatch

  1. Alexander

    Best watch purchase I have ever made

    I’m a watch guy, a gadget guy, a gun guy, and a survival enthusiast. The Garmin Delta Tactix Solar with Applied ballistics covers all my needs. The watch is very intuitive – you’ll be able to navigate it easily on day one.

    Adding waypoints and navigating can easily be done on the watch, or on the Garmin Explorer app. If you’re a fitness freak – OMG does this watch have you covered. Almost any activity you can think of is already built into the watch. You can even input your own activities.

    This watch is crazy tough. I have banged it and scraped it many times in daily wear and it still looks like the day I got it.

    If you don’t like a large watch, it’s not for you.

    I originally ordered the watch from Garmin but the wait time was longer than I wanted to wait. I cancelled my order there and got it here on amazon. I had the watch in hand a week later just as described.

  2. Evelyn

    Watch is insane!!! I just wish my eyesight was better!

    This watch does just about everything you could imagine! Definitely a little learning curve to figure it all out, but once you do it is amazing. I am almost 50 and need reading glasses so sometimes the screen is a little hard to see without my readers.

  3. Henry

    Great watch. Earbuds are horrible

    Product is for my son who graduated from the USMC. He loves the watch, but stated that the ear buds are horrible

  4. Isabella

    Amazing Watch

    This watch gives me everything I need at my finger tips that are important to me, HR, Solar Intensity, weather temperatures, Steps, etc. I also like the many watch face options available to me.

  5. Benjamin

    Amazing watch with all the bells and whistles

    The watch has an amazing battery life up to 8 days with no recharge from the sun or plugged in. Great for backpacking hiking and hunting. While out in nature it is great to know where I am even if my phone doesn’t have signal. All in all it is an amazing watch and the tactical ability with this watch is great. It doesn’t play any sounds while using it. It is nice to have a ballistics calculator right on my wrist at the range which causes less disturbance from shot to shot.

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You can download your iTunes music to the watch. You will need a Bluetooth headset to listen to your music.

It is a Garmin 6 model.

It does track sleep. Does a pretty nice job of it.

Does not measure blood pressure.

It charges only from the port that you must plug in to a USB, and slightly from the Solar feature in the face of the watch.

No its not touch screen. It is so information heavy that I would think that only the thinnest of fingers would be able to use it properly if it were.