FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package

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Are your looking to Flightscope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Flightscope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package.


The FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package is likely a variant of the FlightScope X3 Golf Simulator Package, focusing more on training and skill development for golfers. While I can provide a general overview based on typical components and features of training golf simulator packages, please note that the specific details, components, and pricing may vary, and it is recommended to refer to the official FlightScope website or authorized dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  1. FlightScope X3 Radar: The centerpiece providing accurate ball and club data for analysis.
  2. Training Software: Specialized software focusing on skill development, analysis, and improvement.
  3. Impact Screen: To display the simulation and receive ball impact.
  4. Projector: To project the training software onto the impact screen.
  5. Turf and Mat: To simulate real-world golf conditions.
  6. Computer System: To run the training software effectively.
  7. Accessories: Such as golf balls, tees, and possibly training aids.


  1. Detailed Analysis: Provides in-depth analysis of swing, ball flight, and other metrics.
  2. Skill Development: Offers drills, challenges, and feedback for skill improvement.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface for easy navigation and analysis.
  4. Customization: Ability to customize training sessions based on individual needs.
  5. Video Integration: May offer video analysis and integration for visual feedback.
  6. Portability: Some packages may be designed for easy setup and takedown.

Use Cases:

  • Individual Training: For golfers looking to improve their skills and analyze their game.
  • Coaching: Useful for coaches to provide detailed feedback and structured training to students.
  • Golf Academies: Suitable for academies and training centers for student development.

FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package

Shop Indoor Golf’s X3 Training Package is perfect for golfers on a budget looking to improve any aspect of their game.

The FlightScope X3 Launch Monitor combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy. The X3 Training Package provides the tools you need to take your game to the next level.

Also available in our higher end SIG8, SIG10 and our loaded SIG12 Package.


What’s Included with the FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package

  • Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor
  • Backpack
  • Metallic Stickers
  • E6 Simulation Software Package
  • SIGPRO Golf Net
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • SIGPRO 6′ x 10′ Turf
  • Charging Cable for X3


Here’s What You’re Getting

Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor

The X3 has the ability to track over 50 full swing, ball flight, chipping, and putting metrics. With the ability to track D-Plane data, the X3 provides valuable insight into your wedge play.

What We Like About the X3:

  • Fusion Tracking
  • Data and Video Analysis
  • Environmental Optimizer
  • E6 Connect Bundle
  • Wedge D-Plane Data Analysis
  • Full swing and short game data
  • Rechargeable Battery – up to 6 Hours Continuous Use


E6 Golf Simulation Software

The FlightScope X3 includes an E6 simulation software package. The package includes ownership of 5 golf courses:

  • Aviara
  • Stone Canyon
  • Wade Hampton
  • Sanctuary
  • Belfy

The software package also includes 17 different practice ranges & a darts mini game.


Short Game Analysis

  • Chipping, Pitching, and Putting: Get instant feedback with various features including trajectory, grouping, speed graph, and more
  • Putter Face + Path: Get Better control of your starting lines and improve your putting stroke with face and path tracking
  • Wedge D-Plane: Improve consistency around the green with full D-Plane data for every club in the bag
  • Simple Pin Placement: Practice multiple putt lengths in one session with side-controlled pin distance placement.


SIGPRO Golf Net & Side Barriers

The SIGPRO Golf Net is engineered for easy assembly in minutes with a snap-button frame system that expands to a height of 7 feet, a width of 8 1/2 feet, and with the two-side barrier protective nets, a depth of 9 feet.

The reinforced net attaches as a sleeve over the frame, and golfers will quickly notice and appreciate how quietly and softly the net catches real golf balls allowing them to swing away with full confidence, as if they’re at a driving range.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Net
  • 1 Year Warranty on Net & Frame
  • Dimensions: 8’6″ (L) X 9′ (D) x 7′ (H)
  • Easy to assemble frame


SIGPRO Turf Landing Pad

Also included with the SIGPRO Golf Net is the SIGPRO Turf that will fill the space between the net and your hitting mat.

Not only is the SIGPRO Turf aesthetically pleasing, it will also protect your floor from golf ball strikes.


Your Choice Of Golf Mat

Fariway Series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat

Our Fairway Series mat is 5′ x 5′, roughly one inch thick and can hold a real tee. Ideal for those seeking realistic feel.

SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat

The SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ features the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip Insert. Perfect for golfers looking for a premium golf mat without sacrificing space.

SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 10′ Golf Mat

If you have both right handed and left handed golfers, the SIGPRO 4′ x 10′ double sided golf mat is ideal with a center hitting strip.

8 reviews for FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package

  1. Oliver

    good stuff
    its great. I do wish they had eyelets at the top for easy hanging but I wouls still order again.

  2. Noah

    Living a golf dream in winter
    Love to be able to golf without having to go sign up at a golf course for their simulators

  3. Liam

    Nice golf screen
    Really good screen handles full shots from a driver with regular golf balls

  4. Emma

    Terrible purchase
    No structure or instructions provided what so ever on how to setup this product. Absolutely useless. They recommend buying bungee straps but there is nothing to strap on top. It’s just a white tarp on a box

  5. Rajeswari

    The FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package offers a comprehensive solution for golfers looking to improve their skills and performance on the course. This package is likely a specialized variant of the FlightScope X3 Golf Simulator Package, tailored specifically for training purposes.

  6. Rajeswari

    With advanced technology and cutting-edge features, the FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package provides golfers with the tools they need to analyze their swing, track their progress, and refine their technique. The simulator offers accurate ball flight data, club data, and swing analysis, allowing players to pinpoint areas for improvement and make adjustments to their game.

  7. Rajeswari

    In addition to its advanced tracking capabilities, the FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package also includes a variety of training programs and drills designed to help golfers develop specific skills and improve their overall performance. Whether you’re looking to work on your driving distance, accuracy, or short game, this simulator has you covered.

  8. Rajeswari

    Overall, the FlightScope X3 Training Golf Simulator Package is a valuable tool for golfers of all skill levels who are serious about improving their game. While specific details and pricing may vary, I recommend checking the official FlightScope website or speaking with authorized dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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