Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Center Stance


Are your looking to buy Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Center Stance for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Center Stance.


The Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Double-Hitting Combo Mat is the ultimate practice environment for every golfer whether you are hitting or putting, right-handed or a lefty, indoors or outside.

The Fiberbuilt Double-Hitting Combo Mat is a combination of a 10’ x 4’ hitting mat and a 10’ x 6’ putting green which provides full 100-square feet of flexibility so you can improve your game and enhance your skills at your own convenience.

Create your ideal practice area with the Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green

Fiberbuilt 10′ x 10′ Double-Hitting Combo Mat.

Demo Video-Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Center Stance

6 reviews for Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green – Center Stance

  1. Noah


    Awesome! 5 star

  2. Olivia

    Great practice tool

    I use it to practice putting. It works great. I just wish that it was longer. I would prefer it to be atleast 20 feet from the hole.

  3. Oliver

    Nice gift

    Very nice gift for my 9 year old son who loves golf. But this is not necessarily for kids and any adult would love it. Very nice quality, and rolled out perfectly on our hard wood floors.

  4. Noah

    Excellent practice for my putting rain or shine.

    I love the convenience of practicing.

  5. Liam

    Really Fun.

    It’s a really good gift. It’s fun, enjoyable and portable.

  6. Emma

    Quality and cost. Both excellent👍👍👍👍👍

    Wonder product. Great price. Fast delivery! 100% satisfied.

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A putting green refers to a section of green turf on a golf course with a hole marked by a flag. The golfer tries to get the golf ball into the hole by using a golf club called a putter. Even though the golf ball can be quite close to the hole during putting, these shots can be difficult.
For many, a putting green can be a great place to relax, have fun and also improve your golf game. It can also be a great addition for your backyard. You can enjoy the convenience of just stepping out of your back door and feeling like you’re at the golf course.
With a backyard putting green made from synthetic turf, you can work on your golf game anytime you want. Synthetic turf makes this a maintenance-free project—no worries about growing and caring for grass. … Create multiple holes in a larger yard. This guide will give you an overview on how to build a putting green.
Bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass and Poa annua are the most commonly managed turfgrasses on putting greens in the United States. A putting green can have more than 10,000 individual plants per square foot.
A language all its own, including many old Scottish words and some real oddities
Best Ball / Better Ball Best score on a hole by partners in a best-ball match.
Birdie One under par score on a hole.
Bogey One over par score on a hole.
Break In putting, the curve the ball will follow due to slope and/or grain in the green.
Backyard golf greens for residential spaces are usually around 500 square feet, while artificial golf greens for commercial projects or Nicklaus Design golf courses are usually 1,500 square feet. Our outdoor synthetic putting greens are tailored for each client, considering available space as well as budget.
Expect to pay between $11 and $25 per square foot to have a backyard putting green installed. This pricing could change based on size. The larger your golf green, the less you’ll pay per square foot; most contractors lower their rates for bigger projects.
Experts said most greens can be installed in about a day or two. The greens figure to make most golf fans happy but the return value on the real estate investment is likely to be no more than 40 percent of the cost, according to one appraiser.
Golf courses use aerators to create small holes in their fairways, so water, air and nutrients can reach down to the grass roots. This helps the grass grow deeper roots and it also creates an opening to help it break through to the topsoil. … Deep roots help the grass stay strong, lush and green.
How often putting greens are mowed is dependent on staff size and budget, but grass type and weather also play a role. On average, greens are mowed at least five days per week, and in most cases six or seven days per week.