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EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator EX500D

Introducing the newest version of the EXPutt Simulator, the EX500D. With new modes and courses and an updated design, improving your putting just became that much easier. 

EX Putt Lets you practice with accuracy as it precisely measures your putt in real time! Included with the Putting Mat and tracking camera, there are 3 modes to hone your skills: Practice, Multiplayer, and Explorer. 

With practice comes success. Win more matches. Lower your Handicap. Make your putting more accurate and precise with EX Putt. 


What’s Included with the EX500D

The EXPutt EX500D includes the items below. Connect your EXPutt to a TV, Projector, or even your phone to start practicing! 

  • EX Putt Camera
  • AC Adapter & HDMI Cable
  • TV Attaching Holder
  • Remote Control 
  • Putter Stickers
  • EX Putt Tripod
  • Connecting Rod
  • Putting Mat

Key Features

The EXPutt is Fun, Hassle Free, and Innovative. With an array of modes and greens, this putting simulator will have you sinking putts in no time!

EXPutt Features:

  • New Feature: Explorer Mode lets you set locations of holes and balls on the green of a selected course 
  • New Feature:  The EXPutt Now Connects to Wifi for Online Competitive modes, course updates, and new putting green uploads! 
  • New Feature: Connect and play through your phone over a TV Screen. 
  • Practice distance control with varied distance modes
  • Ultra-high-speed camera accurately measures ball’s movement 
  • Various greens and slopes feel like a real green
  • Play the game in Spring, Summer, Fall, and winter modes
  • Tour-level green speed and conditions 
  • Low elastic stopper brings ball back to you and cancels noise for putts up to 20 yards
  • Use a putter like a mouse cursor to navigate the software, use the remote control for more features


What it Tracks

Equipped with a Ultra-High-Speed Camera, the EXPutt is able to accurately measure ball movement, club facing and much more! 


  • Accurately analyze ball speed and direction in real time 
  • Precisely Analyze open or closed club face angle
  • Analyze putter’s direction at the moment of impact 
  • Analyze entire putting path to improve consistency

The ExPutt Putting Green Simulator is a valuable tool for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their putting skills. It offers a mix of real-time analysis, high-quality graphics, and customizable settings to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable putting practice experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, ExPutt can be a beneficial addition to your golf training arsenal.

14 reviews for ExPutt Putting Green Simulator

  1. Olivia

    A game changer
    This is easy to set up, and it gives you the exact info you need. The read out includes path direction and face at impact in terms of degrees. You can change the speed of the green (stimpmeter) as well. SAM Putt Lab is the gold standard for teaching, but it’s $6,000. This does almost the same thing for $400. It’s a steal. I’m an LPGA teaching pro and am recommending it for all my clients

  2. Oliver

    Great tool for improving your putting
    Easy to setup. Great tool that shows you the degree your putter is open or closed while striking the ball.

  3. Noah

    Great product – would buy again!
    Have read that stimpmeter rolls ball at 4.1mph, to test accuracy I hit at this speed on the 10 stimpmeter setting and ball rolls out right to to 10 ft. – very accurate! Addicting and will be helpful in will translate to the course well!

  4. Liam

    Love my EXPutt
    Really enjoy being able to work on my pace and distance in limited space. Great product! Had trouble finding someone that had it in stock. Shop Indoor Golf came through

  5. Emma

    Great product and best training aid I have used. Love it

  6. Terry

    Great product

    But absolutely horrible customer service. Tried 4 times contact them in email for information about this system and potentially upgrading to the new one and they can’t be bothered to respond.

  7. Evelyn

    Absolute stroke saver!

    I work 6-7 days a week so finding time to hit the course can be tough. I wanted to improve my game so I picked this up. Truth is, it has helped me a ton on the course. I’m not a good golfer so cutting out the three putts is huge. It’s nice to have something that takes no space and is so easy to use. I can come home from work, roll balls for an hour, and my game has improved within the first week. I highly recommend!

  8. Henry

    Totally revolutionized my putting

    I have never putted better. Putting went from my biggest weakness to my top strength. 1) Distance control – I now know if I stand over a 15 (or 5 or 25) foot putt exactly how hard to hit it. I play 2 primary courses – one has a stamp of 9 and the other’s is 12. Very different, but I know how hard to hit the putts on either course. 2) Confidence. I know I’ll make 10 out of 10 putts from 3 feet on the course. When I stand over a 5 ft putt, I think, “I made 50 out of 50 yesterday.”

    I never thought a tool would help so much, but EXPUTT is the real deal. And, it’s fun with kids and friends when I’m not being as serious.

    Finally, the CUSTOMER SERIVE IS EXCELLENT. I highly recommend EXPUTT!

  9. Isabella

    Great practice

    Got this for my family and its amazing how quick everyone’s touch is getting better. We have tons 0f fun playing against each other. Only thing that would make it better is if you could playvonline against friends or challengers. That would take this to the next level and make it unmatchable. Best simulator putting ive ever done

  10. Benjamin

    Must have item

    5star factor

    1. Improve putting sense of distance control, Straightness.
    2. just play in my room

    regret point
    less stage skins (practice-only 3 stage, other mode-only four seasons)
    if possible, update more stage skin like sea, mountain, river etc.

  11. Darian

    The EX500D comes with three different modes: Practice, Multiplayer, and Explorer. The Practice mode is perfect for honing your skills and working on distance control, while the Multiplayer mode allows you to compete against friends and family for some friendly competition. The Explorer mode is a new addition to this model, which allows you to set the locations of holes and balls on the green of a selected course. This adds an extra level of customization and challenge to your practice sessions.

  12. Adler

    Setting up the EXPutt is a breeze, and it can be connected to a TV, projector, or even your phone. This means you can practice and play through your phone on a larger screen, which adds to the immersive experience. The simulator also connects to WiFi, allowing for online competitive modes, course updates, and new putting green uploads. This ensures that you always have fresh content and challenges to keep you engaged.

  13. Osman

    The EXPutt features various greens and slopes that feel incredibly realistic. The tour-level green speed and conditions make you feel like you’re playing on an actual golf course. The ultra-high-speed camera accurately measures the ball’s movement, providing you with instant feedback on your stroke. Additionally, the low elastic stopper brings the ball back to you and cancels noise for putts up to 20 yards, making for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

  14. Kabir

    Overall, the EXPutt Putting Green Simulator is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to improve their putting skills. Its innovative features, realistic greens, and customizable modes make it a must-have for golf enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced player looking to fine-tune your skills, the EXPutt is sure to help you reach your goals.

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