Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC

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Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak Launch Monitor with The Golf Club Simulator Software

You can now easily add Club and Swing data to your SkyTrak™ with The Golf Club™ Simulator software (TGC) using the R-Motion Swing Tracker!

Simply attach the ErnestSports ES16 + The Golf Club Simulation Software below your club grip and the automatic shot system will do the rest. It easily moves from club to club, thanks to attachments that equip all standard putters and drivers. Just slide the tracker unit in and out to play.

R-Motion for SkyTrak Launch Monitor with TGC will add:

  • Measured Club Speed
  • Measured Face Angle
  • Measured Swing Path

What’s in the box:

  • R-Motion Swing Tracker
  • 14 Club Attachments
  • Alan tool
  • USB Charger
  • Bluetooth LE dongle
  • Instruction Manual

Measured values will show in the TGC shot analysis screen after every shot.

1 review for Club & Swing Data for SkyTrak with TGC

  1. Francis

    Great product for the price. The PC app is a lot of fun to play. It took a lot of tweaking and online research to get it to where it was reasonably accurate and useful.

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