Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package


Are your looking to buy Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package.


The Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package is a high-quality golf simulator system designed to provide a realistic and immersive golfing experience. It is manufactured by Uneekor, a company that specializes in golf simulator technology.

The EYE XO Pro package includes several components that work together to create a comprehensive golf simulation setup. Here are some key features and components of the Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package:

⦿ EYE XO Launch Monitor: The EYE XO is the core component of the simulator package. It utilizes advanced camera-based technology to track the golf ball and club movement, providing accurate data on various aspects of your swing, such as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, spin rates, and more. The EYE XO has a high level of accuracy and is known for its reliable performance.

⦿ Golf Course Software: The Uneekor EYE XO Pro package typically comes with golf course software that allows you to play virtual rounds on a variety of courses. These software packages often include a range of famous golf courses from around the world, providing a realistic and enjoyable golfing experience. The software also integrates with the launch monitor to provide real-time feedback and data analysis.

⦿ Impact Screen and Projector: To display the virtual golf course and ball flight, the package includes a high-quality impact screen and a projector. The impact screen is typically made of durable material designed to withstand the impact of real golf balls. The projector is responsible for projecting the virtual course onto the screen, creating a lifelike and immersive experience.

⦿ Golf Mat and Hitting Net: The package may include a golf mat and a hitting net. The mat provides a realistic surface for hitting shots and helps simulate the feel of a real golf course. The hitting net ensures that any errant shots are contained and provides safety during gameplay.

⦿ Computer and Software Integration: The Uneekor EYE XO Pro system requires a computer to run the software and manage the data captured by the launch monitor. The package may include a pre-configured computer system or specify the system requirements for optimal performance.

Overall, the Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package offers golf enthusiasts a comprehensive and accurate golf simulation experience. With its advanced technology, realistic graphics, and data-driven analysis, it allows golfers to practice, improve their skills, and enjoy playing virtual rounds on some of the world’s best golf courses from the comfort of their own space.



The Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package is a high-end golf simulator that provides players with an immersive and realistic golfing experience. The package includes the EYE XO Pro launch monitor, which uses advanced camera technology to track ball flight and provide accurate measurements of ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more.

The simulator package also comes with a hitting mat, a projector, a retractable screen, and software that allows players to choose from over 100 different courses to play. The software also provides players with detailed statistics and analysis of their shots, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.

The EYE XO Pro is designed for use in both commercial and residential settings, and is used by golf professionals, enthusiasts, and training facilities around the world. With its advanced technology and immersive experience, the Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package is a top-of-the-line choice for serious golfers looking to improve their game.


A fully loaded indoor golf simulator designed for a high-end home or commercial setup. Including the bulk of what you need to get set up:

  • Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor
  • 10x13x5 Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Carl’s Place Swing Cameras
  • E6 Golf Simulator Software
  • TrueStrike Academy Golf Hitting Mat – Edge trim will ship when available.
  • BenQ LU710 Golf Simulator Projector – Limited quantity available.


Fully Loaded Golf Simulator

Designed for a high-end home or commercial setup, the Black Tee golf simulator package features the best-in-class Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor and the exclusive Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. For those seeking the best equipment without compromise, the Black Tee includes all the equipment you need to outfit a room with a top-of-the-line golf simulator setup.

Uneekor EYE XO Sensor Technology

Precise ball-tracking is combined with the most comprehensive club data in the leading overhead simulator technology on the market — the UNEEKOR EYE XO. Next-level your golf game with actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot and golf with any ball you choose via the non-marked ball tracking technology.

Replay and Analyze Your Swing

A set of 2 Carl’s Place Golf Swing Cameras let you record your golf swing during your practice. Simple plug-and-play golf swing analysis with instant visual feedback!

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat

TrueStrike Golf Mats offer realistic “fairway forgiveness” technology which replicates the feel of a real fairway. The Academy Golf Mat is the perfect size for facilitating both right and left handed practice in a home or commercial golf simulator setup.

BenQ LU710 Golf Simulator Projector

The BenQ LU710 projector is a great choice for a golf simulator setup. Pair this projector with your Carl’s Place Golf Simulator Enclosure for an immersive, true-to-life golf experience.

E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software

E6 Connect is the highest-quality, most lifelike and customizable golf software ever created. Use it with launch monitors to teach or train on the driving range, to compete in leagues and online events at a commercial facility, or just play fun games at home with friends and family.

E6 Connect features stunning 4k graphics and more flexibility, customization and control than ever before. What makes our new generation of golf software truly revolutionary is its massive network designed to connect golfers around the world, from private peer-to-peer play to custom to global tournaments.


The Black Tee package is loaded with everything you need to get your luxury home golf simulator set up. This package is also ideal for starting your commercial indoor golf simulator business venture.

Space Requirements

Swing Area

13 feet diameter with player in the center (recommended)

Ceiling Height

10.5 feet (required)

Player’s Distance from Screen

At least 12 feet from the impact screen (recommended)

Throw Distance

With the 187″ diagonal viewing area and a 4:3 aspect ratio, you’ll need to mount your projector between 16′ 11″ to 21′ 11″ from the screen.


Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Includes:

Premium Golf Impact Screen

Made of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact resistant polyester, this is the smoothest surface available on a full impact material.

Top and Side Fabric Panels

Black knit ceiling panels well as the left and right black wall panels offer a high-end, ultra-smooth finish.

Safety Cushions

Four memory foam cushions that surround the screen to protect shots from striking the frame.

Frame Connectors

Steel fittings and elbows to construct all frame joints and corners.

Pipe Framing Kit

This kit includes pre-cut and marked 2-inch EMT pipe in the exact lengths required for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit – no pipe cutting or hauling required!

Pipe Shipping Information

Orders with pipe framing ship freight. You or the recipient needs to be present at the time of delivery and assume responsibility for unloading the pallet or be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of delivery. The heaviest box is likely to weigh about 50 pounds. Customers who are unable to unload the pallet box-by-box should contact us for lift gate ($110) or inside delivery ($250) service. These estimates are valid to most locations.


Additional Information

See our team build the Pro Golf Enclosure

4 reviews for Uneekor EYE XO Pro Golf Simulator Package

  1. Raelynn (store manager)

    We are enjoying the simulator immensely on those days when the weather is bad we can golf in our basement!

  2. Emersyn (store manager)

    Great Purchase

    Great Purchase of the EyeXO and Middle Hitting area. This was a big upgrade for the Simulator and it has been night and day. After Uneekor logging in and helping with the set up its been flawless and I find that my son is playing more as a result of not having to get my help to fiddle keeping skytrak connected.
    The purchase of both products from rain or shine where just amazing. they both shipped and arrived with in days and before the time it said they would. I will look to them for future purchases of golf sim related items.

  3. Reign (store manager)

    So far so good

    First time buying from Rain or Shine to be honest the experience has been good. To be honest I made a large purchase item and they were the only retailer to offer great financing for it so I went with them. I will try and give some more business to them in the future, I like to stay loyal to companies that are helpful.

  4. Alayna (store manager)

    Uneekor EYE XO

    I’m just over the top about this product. Although the instructions were a bit difficult to follow set-up was quick and easy. The driving range allows you to see club to ball contact making it easy to change your position and correct defects in your swing.

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