This is yet another very popular simulator package as it is designed by Rain or Shine golf.This simulator cones along with a Launch monitor within a protective case,A game improvement software,It also includes some of the popular series like the net return pro series VS golf net.Some of the other items that come along with this is the pro series side barriers,the pro turf golf mat,the pro series screen,High definition short throw projector and a ceiling projector mount. The projector mount can tilt up to 30degrees up, down, left or right. The mat can be easily rolled up and kept in any corner of the house. Now coming to the minimum space required to set this simulator up.The minimum requirement is 8 feet high, 12 feet long and 10 feet wide. This means that you can easily set it up in your bedroom . Skytrak can easily connect wirelessly with your ipad or Pc. This thus gives you the option to carry on playing anywhere and anytime.

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