Average birdies per round:

> Tour player: ~3.6
> 20-index player: ~0.3

Tour players are 30+ shots better than a 20-index.

Yet they only average ~3.3 more birdies per round.

Only 3.3 of the 30+ shot difference is from birdies!

You want to score better?

> Reduce bogeys doubles, and others.

PGA SHOW Release: Uneekor EYE XO 2

Uneekor expands on its very popular EYE XO with the addition the EYE XO2 featuring a third High-Speed Infrared Camera to capture a larger range of more precise data with any ball of choice. The EYE XO2 also includes a larger hitting zone (28” W x 21” L), allowing for seamless transition between right and left-handed golfers as well as the ability to add the new Uneekor “Trouble Mat,” an all-terrain hitting mat with a rough and bunker, that can better simulate true on-course conditions.
VIDEO: New Uneekor products introduced at the PGA Show

In this video from the 2023 PGA Show, Justin Carlson, Director of Sales at Uneekor, talks about the new EYE XO2, the upcoming release of the EYE MINI portable launch monitor, new simulation software, and the Optix stance mat. 

PGA SHOW Release: Flightscope Mevo+2023

Flightscope launched a 2023 Edition of the Mevo+ at the PGA Show that can be pre-ordered now at $2,199. The new Mevo+2023 features longer battery life (up to 3 hours), an upgraded kickstand (designed with 12-degree tilt for better accuracy), and packed with new software 20 Data Parameters 10 E6 Connect Simulated Golf Courses (iOS and PC) Free software included: FS GolfApp, FS Skill App, FS PC Software Upgraded kickstand Battery life up to 3 hours Unique and Affordable Upgrade Options: Pro Package and Face Impact Location
VIDEO: New Flightscope products introduced at the PGA Show

In this video from the 2023 PGA Show, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Senior Sales Representative at Flightscope, introduces you to the new Mevo+2023, Face Impact Location with the Pro Package, and new software releases.

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